MBA in Operations Management in Barcelona

What Is MBA Degree Specialization in Operations Management?

The structure of the MBA (Master of Business Administration) program at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona enables you to pursue your goals by specializing within an area of interest. Concentration areas cultivate your in-depth knowledge of a specialized area and give you a clear advantage for professional career.

At GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona students have an option to pursue either a general management MBA program or complete a specialization as part of their MBA studies. Specializations are an option not a requirement, and all students receive the same MBA degree regardless of whether they complete a specialization. At GBSB Global Business School MBA specializations are offered in order to provide students with better career opportunities in Barcelona, Spain, Europe and around the world based on their interests and abilities within the field of business management.

Students should always consider their career goals and professional aspirations in deciding whether to complete a specialization during their MBA program. All specialization courses are taught in English.

MBA in Operations Management at GBSB Global Business School prepares you for making judgments, taking operational decisions as well as develops your operative and organizational skills. MBA in Operations Management also provides you with knowledge necessary for supply chain management, production planning and control, project management, analysis of operations strategy, and operating systems management.

Operations management, where the tasks include the efficient production and distribution of products and services, is a strategic component of a business. Making sure operations run smoothly is one of the priorities for all successful companies in Europe and worldwide. With MBA in Operations Management you learn how to develop, plan and operate business, manage its sections, supply chains, and take strategic operational decisions. This specialization introduces you with all complex aspects of operations management in today’s global business environment.

MBA Operations Management Graduation Requirements

5 COURSES (15 ECTS Credits)

MBA Operations Management Courses:

  • Global Retail Management
  • Designing and Managing Global Supply Chains
  • Quality and Production Management
  • Global Project Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

PLEASE NOTE: Students must decide the area of their specialization when applying. Alternatively students may choose not to specialize in any particular area and pursue a general management MBA program.

Careers in Operations Management

Operations Management is the heart of any company. It involves crucial strategies of manufacturing goods, quality management and control, facilities management, supply chain management, cost savings, logistics, dealing with vendors, purchasing and sourcing. There are plenty of interesting jobs available in operations in Barcelona, Spain, Europe and everywhere around the world and these positions offer considerable upward promotion potential.

Supply Chain Management

People working in supply chain management may be called buyers or purchasing managers. Their job entails buying goods or services for their company. It is their job to get the best possible products for the lowest price. These positions require knowledge about various suppliers, both domestic and foreign, and the factors that may affect supply. This is where MBA in Operations Management from GBSB Global Business School Barcelona with the knowledge of global markets will result very helpful!

With knowledge of supply chain management one can also work as a logistics manager. The role of this person is to implement and manage supply chains (both export and import). This job involves developing cost-effective strategies for distribution and establishing a network with logistics intermediaries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and everywhere in the world.


An attractive area for MBA in Operations Management graduates is consulting. As a consultant you may work for international companies in Spain, in Europe or other regions but at the same time you travel a lot nationally and internationally to work on projects for different clients in order to improve their operations associated with supply chain management, quality control, etc. Consultants should use their knowledge of information technologies in order to be able to implement innovative operations management solutions and to increase the client’s profitability.

MBA in Operations Management is a strong preparation for any field within this specialization. It will definitely allow you to start at a higher level in the management chain or boost your career if you had previously worked in operations management related area.

If you are not sure which MBA specialization to chose or if you have any questions or doubts regarding our MBA Operations Management specialization, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers.

Prospective students, wishing to participate in the MBA Operations Management program, please apply online.