MBA Marketing Management

What Is MBA Degree Specialization in Marketing?

At GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona students have an option to pursue either a general management MBA program or complete a specialization as part of their MBA studies. Specializations are an option not a requirement, and all students receive the same MBA degree regardless of whether they complete a specialization. At GBSB Global Business School MBA specializations are offered in order to provide students with better career opportunities in Barcelona, Spain, Europe and around the world based on their interests and abilities within the field of business management.

Students should always consider their career goals and professional aspirations in deciding whether to complete a specialization during their MBA program. All specialization courses are taught in English.

MBA specialization in Marketing has been designed for MBA students interested in global market trends and marketing strategy. With a foundation in business administration and additional marketing courses MBA Marketing students are equipped with the knowledge to use innovative marketing communications, conduct market research in Europe and globally, and develop successful international marketing strategies.

MBA Marketing Graduation Requirements

5 COURSES (15 ECTS Credits)

MBA Marketing Courses

After choosing a marketing specialization students are ready to complete their MBA in marketing. The compulsory courses for this specialization are as following:

  • International Market Research  
  • Innovative Marketing Communications  
  • Creativity and Psychology of New Product Development  
  • Global Brand Management  
  • Going to Global Market: Managing the Channel and Sales Force  

If a student has interest in doing business in a particular region of the world, he or she may choose one of the global elective courses instead of one of the marketing specialization courses.

  • Europe and the EU in a Changing World
  • Doing Business in China and Asia
  • Doing Business in Latin America
  • Doing Business in Russia and CIS
  • Doing Business in Africa

PLEASE NOTE: Students must decide the area of their specialization when applying. Alternatively students may choose not to specialize in any particular area and pursue a general management MBA program.

Careers in Marketing

A specialized MBA in Marketing at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is designed to give students a deep understanding of specific marketing functions which can help to give employers confidence in a graduate’s ability to perform the unique requirements of a job in marketing.

Graduates with an MBA degree in marketing will surely enjoy excellent career growth in this highly competitive global world. MBA programs in marketing management can lead to a variety of satisfying career choices in Spain, Europe and globally in areas such as market research, sales, consulting, brand management and more.

Marketing manager, brand manager, new product manager are some of the job profiles available for MBA Marketing professionals. However, there are also specialized corporate positions which require the knowledge in marketing such as advertising manager, marketing communications manager, and PR manager.

MBA Marketing graduates from GBSB Global Business School can also use their knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs. They can effectively market their company’s good and services for increased sales and profit. Considering their global markets expertise the MBA Marketing graduates can successfully pursue these goals not only in Spain or Europe, but in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions. 

Marketing is a dynamic, intense career as are the marketing courses required for the MBA specialization in marketing. Students passionate about business will thrive in this career and all that it has to offer.

If you are not sure which MBA specialization to chose or if you have any questions or doubts regarding our MBA Marketing specialization, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers.

Prospective students, wishing to participate in the MBA program, please apply online.



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