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On Friday, 29th January 2021, GBSB Global students had the unique opportunity to hear from our newest Guest Speaker - Mr. Nebojsa Mandrapa. A renowned, award-winning sports journalist from Serbia, with years of experience in the sports industry across local and international arenas, Mr Mandrapa currently works as PR Director within Communication & Consulting, as part of the New Media Team, representing some of the biggest global clients including Novak Djokovic, standing number one tennis player in the world.

The captivating online lecture gave a comprehensive overview of the Djokovic Brand and everything it encompasses, explaining the specifics of working with the world’s best clients, tapping into the uncertainties and benefits of the Sports PR industry, including international communication and crisis management.

Mr Mandrapa made sure to back up every shared insight with real life examples, kindly offering numerous lessons and tips on how to stay on top of one’s PR game, and successfully manage various critical situations. Learn now!

Improve your PR game with 4 easy steps from N. Mandrapa:

1) “I am a member of a PR team, not a PR. It is not a one man show!”
To successfully lead the best clients, you have to be part of a strong team of professionals, to perform and continuously win together.

2) Segmentation of a brand is a must for quality communication.
Understand your client, divide one into categories of what one represents and then tell each story on its own – each segment deserves it’s own time, strategy, target audience etc.

3) Being the best means being hit a lot of times.
“It’s easy to be a good PR when everything is going well, but when there’s a crisis, that’s when you show who you really are” While you’re in knock down that’s when you show your knowledge.

4) A brand is ALWAYS changing! *It’s not a pickle jar!
Everything is evolving with time, be it the client or the external circumstances (e.g. COVID, global digitalization etc.) What worked before, will not work today, let alone tomorrow; hence you always need to adapt and come up with new strategies to stay on top of the game, be it a brand or a star that you are representing.

5 Useful Tips to Successful Crisis Management by N. Mandrapa:

1. Always be prepared for “Mordor”
“When you work for the best, you’re dealing with Mordor at least once a month!”

2. When attacked, be proactive. Be brave.
“It’s something that I always repeat during crisis situations”

3. Preparation is the mother of success.
“I always suggest that you prepare the client for what they are going to say, even if they feel prepared, because you see it differently to him/her/the company etc.”

4. Humanize the brand.
“It always brings best results.” Moving from object to subject – getting media to meet the man behind criticism.

5. Journalists are our partners.
“Educate the media if you want them to report fairly – guide them, congratulate them on their good work, treat them as equal... whatever the energy level you send out, the same level will be returned”.

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