Program Objectives | Bachelor Degree in Malta

GBSB Global Business School Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation in Malta addresses the developments in the field of technology and how they have skyrocketed in this digital age. Digital business management is now a standard in business administration and is embraced by a variety of industries in order to navigate the ever-evolving changes in the realm of commerce today. Our Bachelor Degree in Malta delivers the most modern and relevant curriculum based on the challenges and demands of the market, and graduates are equipped with a degree that will help them to make an impact.

Bachelor students take a comprehensive look at global markets and become conscious of the cultural influences of conducting business in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other regions worldwide.

The Bachelor Degree in Malta equips students with the knowledge and the tools to meet the challenges we face of a fractionalized, globalized economy and they gain the aptitude to effectively work across borders. The Bachelor Degree in Malta integrates innovative methodologies, case studies, situational analysis, simulation games, and real-world projects into the core curriculum through a practical approach, readying students to meet today’s changing times.

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The following learning outcomes have been defined in line with the Level 6 of the Malta Qualification Framework as outlined in the Referencing Report 2016.


  • Understands professional theoretical and practical knowledge related to business administration, including both broad knowledge in the field of business administration and a considerable degree of specialized managerial knowledge in digital innovation.
  • Possesses advanced professional knowledge of business administration and digital innovation in a specific industry or functional area chosen as an elective option in the undergraduate program.
  • Critically understands approaches to promoting the culture of digital innovation within an organization by managing talent and knowledge and by incorporating the values of entrepreneurship, continuous learning and digital transformation into organizational strategic objectives.
  • Understands managerial methods and digital technologies that are in demand in the complex and challenging global business environment, innovation in terms of methods and technologies used, and implications of digital technologies for individuals and societies.
  • Demonstrates professional understanding of issues of digital business and how it can be interpreted with different theoretical approaches.
  • Critically understands the principles included in the Agenda for Sustainable Development defined by UNESCO that are associated with social welfare, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility.


  • Gathers and interprets relevant data on problems, obstacles and opportunities faced by international organizations to inform judgments that include reflection on relevant social, technological, scientific or ethical issues with the purpose to evaluate alternative approaches and strategies an organization may adopt to meet stakeholder needs and minimize risk within changing internal and external environments.
  • Conducts research into business and digital innovation issues, which may relate to general business and innovation processes or to a specific business function or digital technology, which requires familiarity with a range of data, research sources and appropriate methodologies.
  • Demonstrates innovative theoretical and practical responses to management of strategic, operational and transformational processes by which an organization plans and coordinates the use of resources and innovation efforts with the general objective of securing or maintaining competitive advantage.
  • Works effectively as a member of a team, continually reflecting on the group process to evaluate the management of projects and people.
  • Demonstrates innovation in managing intra-entrepreneurial processes and strategies to design a digital product or service by assessing the commercial viability of digital technologies and business opportunities and by planning, organising, and executing a project or a new venture.
  • Demonstrates mastery in using digital tools for business administration and innovation purposes in various media and different modes (autonomous, collaborative, exploratory, designing).


  • Engages in critical thinking in the area of business administration and digital innovation and demonstrates independent thought and problem solving underpinned by evidenced based arguments.
  • Manages complex professional activities efficiently and professionally to put managerial decisions into practice taking into account the organizational context together with different constraints.
  • Demonstrates administrative design and resource in elaborating social, ethical, innovative and international approaches to complex management and digital business situations and takes responsibility for their consequences.
  • Shows creativity and initiative in developing digital transformation and digital intra-entrepreneurial projects by liaising and working with others to deliver high level of team performance.
  • Has developed learning skills that are necessary to continue professional development in the area of business administration and digital innovation by critically evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses, keeping up to date with relevant management and digital business technologies, ideas and practices.
  • Has developed proficiency and literacy in the use of digital technology needed to access learning opportunities and to pursue a managerial career in dynamic, innovative digital organizations.

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