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€5,750 per year
*an additional annual administrative fee (950 EUR) and registration fee (200 EUR) must be paid.

The Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Digital Marketing in Malta (hereinafter - Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta) offers international students a global prospective on the numerous core business concepts, developing a solid understanding of global markets and industries. The Bachelor program at GBSB Global in Malta seeks to help all enrolled students acquire an in-depth knowledge of the main traditional and digital marketing principles, as well as understand how to apply them to real-life business operations.

The Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta is based on improving research, product planning, and sales implementation; it bolsters critical thinking and tackles such topics as brand management, market analysis, and new product development. As a part of the degree you will cover innovative communication, digital and online marketing - studying SMM and SEO optimization, pricing strategies, and online retailing. You will also understand how to test short and long-term traffic funnels, control and launch ad campaigns, and monitor the global market by testing user’s browsing habits, creating best offers and providing customers with new buying incentives.

At the end of the day, the Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta degree will fully equip students with the marketing management knowledge required to effectively direct multinational teams and successfully work on both national and international scales.

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Higher Education Program: Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Digital Marketing
Accreditation Status: An officially recognized qualification awarded by GBSB Global Business School, licensed as Higher Education Institution by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (License number: 2020-012).
MQF/EQF Level: MFHEA deems this qualification to be at Level 6 of the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.
Number of ECTS Credits: 180 ECTS

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Get a Tax Credit with Get Qualified Scheme (MEDE)
Benefit from a tax credit enabling you to recover part of the costs incurred during the studies in Malta. Claim your Tax Credit Certificate via Get Qualified scheme, administered and controlled by the National Skills Council within the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) of Malta.


Bachelor Listed as one of the Leaders in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine

Listed as one of the Leaders in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine

Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management in Malta Awarded as a Five Stars Business School by QS Ranking System

Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Teaching & Student Quality

Bachelor in Digital Marketing in Malta accredited by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority

Accredited by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority

Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management in Malta ASIC accredited

Fully Accredited by ASIC
Approved by Ofsted and an Affiliate of ENQA



Anel Duisenova has joined GBSB Global to study her Bachelor program. She was looking for a multinational business school in Europe that offered a degree in English language.
Obtaining her bachelor’s at GBSB Global Business School gave Anel an opportunity to study alongside a diverse cohort of international classmates, exchange knowledge and share experiences with them.
During her business bachelor degree, Anel Duisenova found a business internship in communications and marketing - it was a great chance for Anel to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to solve real-life cases and start her career in the field.


Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management official state recognized business degree

An official and recognized European undegraduate business qualification with Digital Marketing (EQF Level 6)

Bachelor in Digital Marketing in Malta Multicultural faculty with Marketing management experience

Multicultural faculty with Marketing management experience

Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management Malta Visiting speakers and workshops from Marketing business experts

Visiting speakers and workshops from Marketing business experts

Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management in Malta International student body

Student body representing more than 100 nationalities


The Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta is specifically designed to help all GBSB Global students build a worldwide perspective on initiatives and become innovate business leaders. The Business Bachelor in Malta fosters a flexible mindset and provides our students with valuable skills to kickstart a global career in marketing management. Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta is comprised of 180 ECTS credits, combining both compulsory general education and in-depth marketing-specific core courses.

(60 ECTS)

  • Global Business Environment (7 ECTS)
  • Business Communication (7 ECTS)
  • Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation (7 ECTS)
  • Fundamentals of Marketing in the Digital Era (13 ECTS)
  • Principles of Accounting (7 ECTS)
  • Business Law in a Digital Context (7 ECTS)
  • Business Math and Statistics (13 ECTS)


  • Strategic Management of Enterprise and Digital Innovation (13 ECTS)
  • Managerial Accounting (6 ECTS)
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior (6 ECTS)
  • Starting a New Digital Business (7 ECTS)
  • Business Economics (7 ECTS)
  • Business Research Methods (6 ECTS)
  • Three units corresponding to a chosen specialization area


  • Professional and Career Development (6 ECTS)
  • Innovative and Creative Thinking (4 ECTS)
  • Corporate Finance (7 ECTS)
  • Disruptive Technologies for Innovation and Change (13 ECTS)
  • Three units corresponding to a chosen specialization area
  • Undergraduate Dissertation (15 ECTS)


Image about bachelor Marketing in Malta Specialization Courses


  • Digital Branding
    (7 ECTS)
  • Management of Retail and Electronic Distribution Channels
    (4 ECTS)
  • Pricing Strategies and Digital Products
    (4 ECTS)
  • E-Commerce Development
    (7 ECTS)
  • Sales Management
    (4 ECTS)
  • Consumer Behavior and Emerging Technologies
    (4 ECTS)
  • Dissertation in the area of Digital Marketing
    (15 ECTS)

Please download the Course Outline below for full program details including module learning outcomes, learning hours, teaching, learning and assessment methods, grading system and pass rates.



  1. Understands professional theoretical and practical knowledge related to business administration, including both broad knowledge in the field of business administration and a considerable degree of specialized managerial knowledge in digital innovation;
  2. Possesses advanced professional knowledge of business administration and digital innovation in a specific industry or functional area chosen as an elective option in the undergraduate program;
  3. Critically understands approaches to promoting the culture of digital innovation within an organization by managing talent and knowledge and by incorporating the values of entrepreneurship, continuous learning and digital transformation into organizational strategic objectives;
  4. Understands managerial methods and digital technologies that are in demand in the complex and challenging global business environment, innovation in terms of methods and technologies used, and implications of digital technologies for individuals and societies;
  5. Demonstrates professional understanding of issues of digital business and how it can be interpreted with different theoretical approaches;
  6. Critically understands the principles included in the Agenda for Sustainable Development defined by UNESCO that are associated with social welfare, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility.


  1. Gathers and interprets relevant data on problems, obstacles and opportunities faced by international organizations to inform judgments that include reflection on relevant social, technological, scientific or ethical issues with the purpose to evaluate alternative approaches and strategies an organization may adopt to meet stakeholder needs and minimize risk within changing internal and external environments;
  2. Conducts research into business and digital innovation issues, which may relate to general business and innovation processes or to a specific business function or digital technology, which requires familiarity with a range of data, research sources and appropriate methodologies;
  3. Demonstrates innovative theoretical and practical responses to management of strategic, operational and transformational processes by which an organization plans and coordinates the use of resources and innovation efforts with the general objective of securing or maintaining competitive advantage;
  4. Works effectively as a member of a team, continually reflecting on the group process to evaluate the management of projects and people;
  5. Demonstrates innovation in managing intra-entrepreneurial processes and strategies to design a digital product or service by assessing the commercial viability of digital technologies and business opportunities and by planning, organizing, and executing a project or a new venture;
  6. Demonstrates mastery in using digital tools for business administration and innovation purposes in various media and different modes (autonomous, collaborative, exploratory, designing).


  1. Engages in critical thinking in the area of business administration and digital innovation and demonstrates independent thought and problem solving underpinned by evidenced based arguments;
  2. Manages complex professional activities efficiently and professionally to put managerial decisions into practice taking into account the organizational context together with different constraints;
  3. Demonstrates administrative design and resource in elaborating social, ethical, innovative and international approaches to complex management and digital business situations, and takes responsibility for their consequences;
  4. Shows creativity and initiative in developing digital transformation and digital intra-entrepreneurial projects by liaising and working with others to deliver high level of team performance;
  5. Has developed learning skills that are necessary to continue professional development in the area of business administration and digital innovation by critically evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses, keeping up to date with relevant management and digital business technologies, ideas and practices;
  6. Has developed proficiency and literacy in the use of digital technology needed to access learning opportunities and to pursue a managerial career in dynamic, innovative digital organizations.


With a Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta from GBSB Global Business School you will open a door to endless employment opportunities and will have plenty of room for professional growth. Marketing skills, especially the ones that focus on innovation and digitalization are extremely sought after in today’s ever-evolving international environment.

Upon graduation you might find yourself working as a brand manager, or you could dive into the digital marketing and ecommerce field, becoming a social media or traffic manager/targetologist. Do you want to create innovative products? Follow your dreams and start working as a market research analyst or new product development manager.

The world is your oyster - a Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta will expose you to a variety of business sectors and will ready you to pursue a career of your choice. Below are some examples of the many professional paths you can take with this business degree:


Career Opportunities of Marketing Management at GBSB Global

Career Opportunities of Marketing Management at GBSB Global


  • Monitors all social media accounts
  • Creates brand content to reach target audience
  • Manages social networking sites
  • Writes editorial content
  • Develops marketing plans


  • Consistently tests long and short-term funnels for various traffic types
  • Controls and launches new advertising campaigns, reaches new audience and analyzes results
  • Monitors users’ habits and incites them to purchase the product


  • Creates strategies to improve the perception of the brand and expand brand awareness
  • Ensures the branding consistency across all marketing campaigns
  • Oversees advertising, design, and events


  • Implements new customer outreach strategy
  • Gathers and analyzes data on company’s current and potential consumers
  • Monitors competitors and examines new sales markets



Undergraduate target groups:

  • “Aspiring Academic”: Typically, a recent High School graduate with a good academic profile. They are academically driven working their way through the educational steps that they are now attending undergraduate program as the next logical steps in their academic aspiration;
  • “Career Starter”: This target group of students are predominately using this academic step to advance their specific career prospects and are extremely job oriented. They are focused on life after studying at GBSB Global and using studying at GBSB Global to reach their career position. Some of them will be working in family businesses or are interested to launch their own entrepreneurial venture;
  • “Academic Wanderer”: Simply students attending GBSB Global, these students may not have a particular focus however they believe obtaining a degree will open doors for them. Additionally, if they come from abroad, they are interested in experiencing a different culture;
  • Mature Students and Students with Non-Standard Qualifications: GBSB Global encourages applications from mature and non-standard applicants who do not possess the standard entry qualifications but have relevant skills and experience.

General Characteristics:

  • Recent high school graduates;
  • International students interested in experiencing new cultures;
  • Speak high level of English language.
To be qualified for admission to Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing in Malta, you must:
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For entry to year 1 of the program students should have completed:

  1. A/S or A levels at the appropriate level or the Matriculation Certificate Exam with three subjects exams with grades of A, B, C or D;
  2. International Baccalaureate Diploma with 34 points; or Mathematics at minimum score of 4 (HL/SL) and one programme related subject at minimum score of 4 (HL/SL);
  3. GCSE/IGSCE "O" Levels: five subject exams with grades of A, B, C or D, and A/S or A Levels: three subject exams with grades of A, B, C or D;
  4. AP Program;
  5. Other high school leaving certificate or equivalent (other educational systems).

Alternative Entry Routes

Alternative entry routes are available for applicants who do not possess the standard entry qualifications but have certain appropriate skills and experience and subject knowledge. These are detailed in the IQA Manual of GBSB Global within the “Policies for Admission of Transfer Students and Recognition of Prior Learning”.

The Admissions Committee may consider applications from suitably qualified students currently attending other universities, applicants who have achieved a lower level award, or applicants seeking admission based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Business Bachelor fees image 2

Proof of Proficiency in the English Language:

  • English as a native language;
  • TOEFL – Minimum score: 213 (computer based), 79/80 (internet based), or 550 (paper based);
  • IELTS – Minimum score: 6.0;
  • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – Minimum score: C;
  • Duolingo 110+;
  • English as the language of instruction during previous studies in the formal educational system;
  • Internal English level testing at GBSB Global.
Business Bachelor fees image 3

Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

On Campus *


Application Fee

100 EUR

100 EUR

Registration Fee (Paid Annually for Every Academic Year of the Program)

200 EUR

200 EUR

Administrative Fee (Paid Annually for Every Academic Year of the Program)

950 EUR

950 EUR

Total Fees for One Academic Year (60 ECTS Credits)

6,900 EUR

6,900 EUR

*Fees apply to students commencing their studies on-campus. Please note, fees will remain the same should the student decide to complete their education online for the remainder of the 3-year program.

**Fees valid for students starting their studies in the Academic Year 2024-2025.

All tuition fees are the same for EU and non-EU students.

Tuition fees for visiting students: 165 EUR per 1 ECTS credit or 2,917 EUR per Quarter (20 ECTS credits).

Bachelor´s Program Duration: 9 Quarters = 3 Academic Years

A discount may be applied if the student choses to pay
the full amount at the time of program acceptance.

If payments are not paid by the deadlines, a penalty fee of 5% of the remaining tuition amount will be charged.
Payments are accepted online or by bank transfers (commission charges may apply).
Program fees do not include accommodation, flights, insurance or program materials.
Students who wish to participate in Global Study Trips may do so by paying additional fees.

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