GBSB Global Offers Exciting New Master Programs This October

This upcoming October intake marks many changes at GBSB Global Business School, from launching our second campus in Madrid to implementing new digital whiteboards in all of our classrooms, making our students’ learning experience even more interactive and engaging. In addition to these enhancements, GBSB Global has also increased its degree offerings to encompass some of the most sought-after industries today based upon advancements in technology and its impact on business. The programs include a Master in Digital Business, Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, and a Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking & Internet Finance.

These programs are designed to deliver an education in line with the current trends in business and finance. Ecommerce has changed the way business is operated, from shopping for clothes to purchasing international flights, individuals now take to their computers or mobile device to conveniently handle their spending. Consumers increasingly seek out the convenience of mobile banking and shopping to enhance their productivity. That is why it is more pertinent than ever before to educate professionals with these specific buying habits in mind. GBSB Global Business School graduates will be among the professionals trained to steer businesses through the digital transformation process from operations to marketing and finance.

Our new programs set a high standard for business schools, equipping students with the most innovative technologies and up-to-date research in these areas. GBSB Global Business School professors are key at providing firsthand knowledge about the state of business worldwide. Our esteemed faculty are specialized in their respective fields having owned or managed their own businesses, oversaw marketing and communications firms, or worked extensively in the financial sector. GBSB Global’s professors are practicing professionals and provide both experience and insight into the world of business and finance by using a range of multimedia teaching techniques and methodologies.

What can students expect from GBSB Global Business School’s new programs?

Master in Digital Business

GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Digital Business prepares students to compete in a highly digitalized economy, training them in a variety of professional digital marketing skills such as social media, online advertising, digital marketing, big data administration, and analytics. These competencies give students the cutting edge over their peers. Students learn how to and gain the proficiency to lead the digital transformation and change the way business is conducted on a global scale.

This master program offered in Spain and taught entirely in English is one of the most innovative and comprehensive around. Students learn to embrace the advancements in technology and look for creative solutions to the emerging challenges this transformation incites. Graduates are highly prepared to enter the world of digital business with the tools and capabilities to stand out in the crowd and make a positive impact on our future.

Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

Individual buying habits have done an about-face from what they were at the start of the early 2000’s, and with that change, there is no wonder why the marketing dynamic has had to evolve to accommodate this large audience on an entirely different platform. Traditional marketing aside, digital marketing has had to cater to the younger generation of buyers looking for information, convenience, and purchasing ease.

Earning a Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce prepares students for the very stimulating, fast paced business concentrated on digital marketing strategies. Students registering in this program can become a leader dictating the direction the next decade will go by learning the most effective tools and techniques employed online through social media and other ecommerce platforms in today’s digital marketing realm.

While studying for the Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce degree, students learn and are able to employ digital marketing and ecommerce concepts and strategies and have a thorough comprehension of the technologies that support them. Students develop their digital marketing skills by working through real digital marketing projects, case studies, networking with professionals, and learning from the most innovative digital applications and simulations available.

Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance

Internet finance and digital banking – the new age of traditional financial management is online. P2P lending, crowdfunding and electronic money market funds are terms often associated with this area of finance. Just as business is changing due to ecommerce and online marketing funnels the same transformation is effecting every stage of the international financial management market.

In the digital economy, traditional finance will no longer be relevant; to compete in this environment, Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance students must learn the new methods of accounting and financial management and become accustomed to the new variables impacting the finance industry, such as digital banking and digital finance.

GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance graduates will receive the internationally recognized ACCA certification at the levels of F1-F3 automatically. This is a significant achievement in addition to earning the master degree and will set our graduates apart from others in the field.

Be at the forefront leading change. Study at GBSB Global Business School and make an investment in your future. We promise, you won’t forget it.

For more information about these programs or others we offer, contact us here.

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Global Content Manager

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