The European Council of Business Education Accredits GBSB Global

In December 2017, GBSB Global began undergoing the process of accreditation through the European Council of Business Education (ECBE). As a part of the approval proceedings, GBSB Global’s four Master programs: MBA, MSc in Entrepreneurship, MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management and MA in Tourism and Hospitality were assessed against a high standard of strict criteria. This assessment included making sure GBSB Global implements a high standard of education in all of its courses and demonstrates quality assurance across the entire spectrum of business school academia.

The ECBE accreditation committee organized meetings with GBSB Global’s current students, alumni and faculty members. After the formal visit and assessment was conducted, a report was issued summarizing the main conclusions regarding the school´s performance and overall student satisfaction. After waiting for five months, GBSB Global received the exceptional news that all four programs were successfully accredited by the ECBE and that all of these programs are fully aligned with the European Standard for Higher Education and the Process of Bologna.

ECBE, the European Council for Business Education, is an internationally recognized not-for-profit academic organisation, registered in Brussels, Belgium as an AISBL – Association Internationale Sans But Lucrative. The ECBE supports institutes like GBSB Global that offer business programs and other similar fields of study. As a NGO, the European Council for Business Education provides educational advice and consulting services stimulating and supporting institutions’ commitment to academic growth and improvement by actively pursuing accreditation.

The ECBE improves business students’ career prospects by providing academic institutions with outstanding networking opportunities on an international platform.

ECBE’s mission is directly in line with GBSB Global’s developing outstanding, innovative programs which will help students to expand their skills, knowledge and professional experience, empowering them to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive global economy. ECBE supports institutions and invests in their future through lifelong learning and continuous growth.

While ECBE is headquartered in Europe, the organization promotes and supports the European methodology of education internationally and embraces the ideals and values embodied in “Bologna”.

GBSB Global is enthralled to be accredited by the ECBE body and are committed to ensuring students, providing the highest quality of education possible with exponential professional opportunities.

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