Bachelor of Business Administration Curriculum

Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum at GBSB Global Business School has been designed taking into account the challenges of today's business world such as the need of solid hard-skills background (finance, operations, business law), soft-skills (leadership, negotiations, communications), and understanding of international business in different regions of the world. 

Core Courses (108 ECTS credits)

Block 1:

Values and Ethics 

Block 2:

Self and Others

Block 3:


Block 4:


Block 5: 


Ethical Dimensions of International Business (5) International Business I: Global Environmental Science (5) Management Principles (5) Quantitative Methods (5) Fundamentals of Business Writing (5)
Law and Policy of International Business (5) International Business II: The Global Business Environment (5) Business Finance (5) Information Technology Skills (5) Managerial Communications (5)
  Research Methods in International Business (5) Principles of Economics (5) Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis (5) Foreign Language Studies (18)
  Leadership and Organizational Behavior (5) Fundamentals of Marketing (5) Statistics for Business (5)  
  Intercultural Management (5) Operations Management (5)    

() Number of ECTS credits 


*Students must decide the area of their concentration when applying.


Global Vision Electives* (minimum 20 ECTS credits)

Regional Focus  Global Focus Global Markets Global Industries
Doing Business in Africa (2) Problems in Global Politics (2) Global Financial Markets (2) Luxury Business in the Global Context (2)
Doing Business in Russia (2) Intercultural Negotiations (2) Global Logistics (2) The Energy Business and Geopolitics (2)
Doing Business in Latin America (2) The Globalization and Transition Economies (2) Global Retail Management (2) Management Field Project (2)
East Asian Business in the Global Economy (2) Competing Globally (2) Building a Powerful Consumer Brand in Emerging Markets (2)  
Doing Business in the EU (2)      
Overview of the Post Soviet Space (2)      
Emerging Economy of China (2)  

* Please note, Global Vision Electives are subject to change.


Other Requirements

Electives (16 ECTS credits)  Workshops, Industrial Visits, Trips Abroad (3 ECTS credits) Bachelor Thesis (12 ECTS credits)

Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum is very flexible, allowing students to tailor their business education according to their professional and personal needs. Concentration area, elective courses and industrial visits and trips abroad make the experience at GBSB Global Business School truly valuable.