L’Oréal Paris Virtual Workshop at GBSB Global

Last Friday, March 12th, we stepped into the weekend in style, after hearing from our latest phenomenal Guest Speaker, Mr Marwan Moubarak - current Director of Africa & Middle East Hub at the renowned L’Oréal Paris.

Marwan kindly began with an outline of L’Oréal history and key facts, presented a real-life case study to demonstrate company’s marketing operations in detail, and concluded with a Q&A session, giving further insights into one’s career path, marketing industry technicalities, overcoming various operational challenges and much more.

In case you missed the lecture, let’s recap with a quick company introduction and then go on to review its fostered mindset.

Founded in a simple kitchen of a curious chemist back in 1909, L’Oréal is now the No.1 global leader in beauty, present in 150 countries, with over 88,000 employees and a €29.9 Bn annual turnover.

Let’s review L’Oréal core values:

1. Research Innovation

Research is the future. With over 4100 researchers in more than 60 different disciplines, L’Oréal has as many researches as marketing managers!

2. Tech Innovation

Considered as the most high tech beauty company in the industry, L’Oréal invests hugely into tomorrow’s technologies, from data science, augmented operations and reality (including robots & 3D printing) to reconstructed skin product testing: L’Oréal was the first beauty company in the world to get rid of animal skin testing in favor of cruelty-free synthetic skin lab testing.

3. Digitalized Future

One of the first corporations to believe in expansion through digitalization. L’Oréal actively embraces digital innovation and stays connected with its consumers by sharing its voice across all social media platforms, other media channels and more. 25% of L’Oréal sales come from e-commerce across various corners of the world, from Brazil to China.

4. Sustainability

As the world leader in sustainability for the fourth year in a row, L’Oréal takes responsibility for the future of our planet and sets example for other big players in the game, keeping sustainability at the core of all operations, from recycling and green science, to greenhouse gas emission reduction etc.

5. Inclusivity

As a multicultural global brand, L’Oréal keeps ethics as the foundation, embracing and actively promoting complete diversity and inclusion across all cultures, races, nationalities, ages, genders, religions and other, amongst its employees and customers. L’Oréal presents a full spectrum of brands and products to cater to all consumer needs, available at everyday supermarkets, pharmacies and luxurious stores.

6. Giving Rise to Leaders of Tomorrow

L’Oréal has created its own internal venture capital fund. With over 70 projects and counting, L’Oréal continues to invest into talented entrepreneurs to scale up their startups via incubators and more.

Sounds like a dream corporation to work for? We totally agree, and moreover, share the same principles and the quest for excellence here at GBSB Global. If you are also passionate about beauty, marketing and communication, and wish to work for a responsible, leading, global pioneer, L’Oréal could be the one for you.

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