GBSB Global students presented their final thesis projects

On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of January, some of our GBSB Global students presented their final thesis projects. We were happy to hear from students from our Finance, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Communications, Fashion and Tourism programs.

One of the presentations that really stood out to us was done by Dan Jin, Jorge Tiago Melo, Katerina Bankouskaya from our Tourism program. They analyzed and presented a new trend in tourism, which is surprise travel. From the data they gathered they came to the conclusion that there are two main problems in the current traveling industry. The first being that trip planning is becoming tedious for travelers, and the second being that the travel industry is becoming quite predictable. That is why surprise travel has proven recently to be such a success, customers do not have to worry about planning, as surprise travel companies take care of that for them. It also injects a level of excitement back into the industry, being as the customer doesn’t know where they are going!

Furthermore, they were able to see that over 70% of customers where millennial couples, mainly because they were more open-minded to the surprise element, the price was attractive, and they were more susceptible to social media marketing. Thanks to data like this, it can help students predict future trends for the tourism industry, which ultimately can give them the tools to succeed in their own professional endeavors.

We also saw other interesting topics from students like Jean-Baptiste Meyohas from our BBA program, whose thesis explored, “How can the public French television tackle Netflix disruption? Challenges and opportunities”. It’s these kinds of insights that allow for our students to be able to analyze current trends and issues within our society, so they can in turn, see these challenges as opportunities, and take these opportunities to market.

Other thesis topics that were presented were:

Instagram and Food delivery services in Spain, by Christine Stunder, Tatiana Khorosandjian Dit El Khoury, Francesca Romana Betti.

The Role of Ecotourism in Developing Countries: Evidence from Costa Rica and Ecuador by Silvia Pavese

Perception of Recycled, Upcycled and Vintage Women Clothing: in the case of Barcelona by Andrea Michelle Escheverria Mole, and Yangjum Lama

The Fur in the European Fashion Hubs at the crossroad: Prospects and expectations by Alessandra Acquaviva and Ines Maud Aicha Essalhi

Experiential Marketing: Implications for Brand and Customer Value Using the Example of Netflix by Julia Gurgel Saffran Pires and Johanna Raabe

The Role of Social Media in the Leisure Travel Process. Case Study of Costa Brava by Otoikhine Ebehwe Otaigbe and Katsiaryna Yuzefovich

Online and offline consumer behavior in the pet market in Europe and MENA Region by Anna-Maria Pavlova and Mostafa Tarek Shaaban Morsi

Improving digital marketing strategy in the banking industry in Egypt by Adham Elmattit

Impact of Branding and Brand Equity towards Crown Plaza Belgrade Marketing Strategy by Awad Hamed Alolyani

Developing digital marketing strategy in the banking sector in Abkhazia by Lana Vouba

Analysis of adult (ex)smokers’ perception of heated tobacco product iQOS in North Cyprus by Dila Haciali

The application of design thinking to traditional banking to boost customer acquisition and experience in Nigeria by Charles Ekpenyong

Sustainable Fashion: A Case Study Of Sustainability In the Fashion Industry And Its Impact On The Consumer’s Behavior In Lebanon by Farah G.M. Abdalghani

Launching a new swimwear brand in Russia. Challenges and opportunities by Anna Shigorina

From our BBA and MSc/MBA program:

Marketing campaign that aims to change public perception of gambling in the state of Nevada by Cindy Viviana Castano Garzon

CUBO by Davide Gaibe

Social Credit System in China: How is the era of rating going to impact Chinese business environment? by David Skarabela

Assessment of Job Satisfaction at Kobayter S.A leading to a better performance by Imadeddin Kobayter

Business Plan: CoatCrate by Zachery James Fleming

Psychological techniques employed by Fast Fashion brands on Russian market in a case study of ZARA and H&M (Moscow) by Marina Mkrtchian

Comparison study of Singapore Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange with Special Reference to Real Estate Sector by Grace Jerolgan Nganakala

Technology that Empowers by Carolina Tettamanzi Vivaldi, Grace Aurelia Muna Njanjo and Rita Benjelloun Touimi

GBSB Global wants to congratulate all presenting students on their hard work, dedication and the insights they were able to uncover!

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