GBSB Global Provides Entrepreneurship Training for Lithuanian Teachers

Entrepreneurship is the primary driver of the 21st century increasing a country’s financial growth, employment rates and competitiveness on the world’s stage. The European Union has recently undertaken an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in Lithuania, in addition to business startups, in pursuit of stimulating the country’s economy.

On the ground level, it is important to invest in the education of teachers, those individuals charged with the responsibility of teaching tomorrow’s progressive entrepreneurs leadership, innovation and managerial competencies that will further their success after graduation. Training teachers fundamental principles of entrepreneurship will further Lituania’s ability to design programs to meet the increased demand for business savvy youth that have the drive and initiative to undertake entrepreneurial pursuits.

The European Union realizes the value training teachers has in this arena and has allocated funds for educating teachers that will influence our future leaders.

GBSB Global is proud it has been selected as an institution where faculty members from different universities across Lithuania can come for entrepreneurship training. GBSB Global has been hand-picked because of its unique teaching methodologies for developing students’ entrepreneurship abilities, for its reputation as an innovation and entrepreneurship-oriented business school and for its research measures in the area of business innovation.

For five days, participants in the training participated in intensive lectures and workshops covering everything from the legal business environment to business plan design. They also learned about the Lego Serious Play Methodology, an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance.

GBSB Global takes pride in being a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, graduating some of the best and brightest students this generation has to offer. As an academic institution we were thrilled to be selected to take part in this training and look forward to a continued relationship with Lithuania and wish them the best in implementing entrepreneurship programs back home.

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