An Official Microsoft Testing Center opened at the GBSB Global Campus in Barcelona

From January 2018 everyone who wants to grow professionally, get promotion, demonstrate clear business impact and advanced digital skills can pass MOS examination in GBSB Global Business School. MOS certification is for those who is looking for gaining proficiency in one or more Office programs to use Microsoft Office and deploy Microsoft Office cloud and hybrid solutions. Differentiate yourself with this competency as a proven expert in Office skills.

There are two types of certification you can pass in GBSB Global Business School:

  • MS Office Specialist | This accreditation supports a standard of knowledge that demonstrates individual competencies in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 tools.
  • MS Office Specialist Expert | Certified individuals have advanced competencies in Microsoft Office Word and Excel tools. In the Microsoft Office 2013 version, each of the specialities consist of two exams.

Who can apply for MOS certification?

GBSB Global Bachelors | Preparation for MOS is an obligatory part of education. Fee for examination is included in a program cost.

GBSB Global Masters | MBA, MSc and MA students have free access to eLearning platform to prepare for the exam.

Employers or Educational Institutions | MOS Certification can be a part of your corporate program for HIPO employees.

What are the benefits of MOS certification?

  • Productivity growth: do your job faster and smarter
  • Competitive growth: HR managers all over the world prefer candidates who develop their skills systematically
  • Salary growth: the average salary of certificated specialists is 16 000 dollars higher


Learn more about MOS Certification on Microsoft official website and schedule your certification via email or contact us directly.

Your success is our top priority. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations and are here to help. For more information contact one of our admissions representatives:

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