Tourism and Hospitality Management Students Visit Professor Dunia Moreno´s Restaurant, Green Vita

Explore the latest trends in healthy eating and discover the successful business strategies used to launch a restaurant on Wednesday, May 24that 7:00 pm. Learn how restaurants are embracing healthy, balanced, and nutritious food offerings, helping society make better dining choices. Professor and owner, Dunia Moreno, has arranged an industrial visit to her restaurant Green Vita Healthy Kitchen. Priority in attendance will be given to GBSB Global BBA and Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management students.

A very unique description, Green Vita describes themselves as not being a restaurant, but rather, a lifestyle. They are not a school, a group, a philosophy, or a religion, what Ms. Moreno and her staff want to do, is to help society by contributing to a healthier, more balanced, and natural diet. Without being forceful, without obligation, and without imposing their own values on their consumer, they really want is to be transparent and honest about the foods they serve and the message they want to convey to the community of Barcelona.

They stand behind what they sell with confidence and a strong belief it what they offer. No fried foods, refined sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors, their food comes from carefully selected, responsible agricultural producers, guaranteeing all essential nutrients and vitamins remain intact.

Students are in for an experience. Live demonstrations will bring learning to life. Raw, steamed, sautéed or in our ecological charcoal oven, Green Vita’s cooking preserves all the flavors and natural properties of the food, generates less waste, and is much healthier for its customers.

The hospitality and tourism sector is one of the leaders in worldwide gross GDP and employs millions across the globe from emerging to established markets. Globalization and new technologies have created new opportunities for consumers in tourism and the food and beverage environment, but it has also caused international competition among providers and tourist destinations. GBSB Global’s Master in Tourism Management program offered in Barcelona provides advanced insights into the tourist industry and supplies students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and interests within the field of hospitality and tourism in what could be considered Europe’s most vibrant and dynamic destination along the Mediterranean – Barcelona!

The substantial part of the program focuses on developing employability and career skills. The students of GBSB Global’s Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management benefit from the large variety of internship opportunities in tourism and hospitality industry in Barcelona. Industry visits, such as this tour of Green Vita Healthy Kitchen provides students with first-hand experience in an active restaurant establishment. It is events like these that inspire and open doors for students that wish to further pursue particular fractions of the industry.

GBSB Global takes a globalized perspective in all its programs. Its Master in Tourism Management and Hospitality Management integrates a strong focus on international tourism management, trends, and global issues that are present across the globe. At the core of the program are such aspects as sustainable tourism development or emerging issues in international tourism. Green Vita Healthy Kitchen’s strong stance on healthy, mindful eating fits into this ideal. Studying at GBSB Global helps students acquire an understanding of the overall state of the tourism and hospitality industry today, and they can critically look for sustainable and enduring solutions while managing daily tourism and hospitality operations.

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