MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management Sketching Workshop Presented by Sara Galofre

Sara Galofre, Creative Director, CEO and Co-Founder of BET Barcelona, Creative Fashion Studio, joined GBSB Master in Fashion and Luxury Business Management students to present an informal workshop on sketching. In this three-hour presentation, Ms. Galofre offered students a new perspective, and what does that mean? A new perspective?

Ms. Galofre said, "I want students to look at and analyze the subject, drawing what you are seeing in front of you, not a preconceived image in your head". When designers work on new collections, they often work with figures and piece various articles together on a figure. It is not true to form what the article of clothing will actually look like on a physical body, but using one image or model gives the collection of work a cohesive feel in both design and form.

Designers do not necessarily need to know how to draw, according to Ms. Galofre, but they do need to have a vision and be able to recreate that image on paper.

MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management students were asked to take pencil and paper in hand and let their creative juices run wild. A few of the activities required students to look at an image, whether that be their own hand, shoe, or neighbor’s face and to sketch this image without looking at the paper, and even more challenging, without lifting the pencil from the paper. There were many original artistic designs as a result of this blind drawing activity.

Students had an amazing time, learning about fashion design and more importantly, their own artistic abilities.

The Master in Fashion & Luxury Business Management program at GBSB Global Business School aims at helping students develop the competencies of that define multifaceted managers capable of understanding the demands of the fashion and luxury business and able to compete at the highest level.

Fashion and luxury goods companies in Europe and around the globe are continually searching for accomplished individuals that are not only ingenuitive but can manage people and brands: a new generation of managers, proficient, competitive, and eager to make their mark on an ever-evolving industry.

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

  • The primary purpose of the sketch workshop was to present design from a new perspective
  • GBSB students got out paper and pencils and tried their hands at blind drawing
  • GBSB fashion and luxury business management students take to some creative learning projects
  • Fashion business students have a good time learning what the life of a designer could be like
  • Hands-on experience learning about fashion and design at Global Business School Barcelona

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