Introducing the new Careers, Alumni and Entrepreneurship Center (CAEC)

Committed to preparing its students as professionally robust specialists, GBSB Global has launched its own Careers, Alumni and Entrepreneurship Centre (CAEC), aimed at supporting students during their academic studies and beyond to ensure they achieve their full potential and career success. CAEC aims to prepare students for further higher education, employment, personal and professional advancement, and promotes the successful participation in a globalized world.

The support is provided across three distinct domains:

Domain 1: Careers Service

The Careers Service has been designed to guide current GBSB Global students through the journey of career development to ensure meaningful and fulfilling professional career growth following a strategic 4-step process:

Step 1: Self-Assessment

Career fulfillment emerges from aligning who you are and the work you do or would like to do. As you learn to understand your strengths, interests, skills, values, and personality by means of self-assessment, you can identify and categorize your personal skills and attributes in the dimensions of employability.

Step 2: Map of Interests

Once you gain a good understanding of yourself in the world of work, the next step is to embark on a career exploration journey. This is particularly helpful for students who may have some career ideas but feel the need to find out more about available sectors and jobs and are open to exploring their ideas further to be able to draft a map of interests.

Career Exploration is a process where a student can learn about various occupations and their “fit” in line with their unique career preferences. This process stems from initial self-assessment, whereby you will be provided with the necessary resources and tools to help you explore different career paths, identify your professional preferences, understand what specific skills are needed for a particular job, whether you fit the profile and more.

Step 3: Job Search Skills

Careers Service can help you enhance your job search skills guiding you on how to stand out from the crowd and make the most of yourself in the job market. Offering professional career advice, assistance, and resources to ensure you gain a competitive edge and enhanced employability skills.

Participate in our open careers workshops and coaching sessions to get specialized career advice, help in CV preparation, and cover letter writing, mock interviews, job market evaluation, network development, and employment offers review. Individual and coaching sessions are always possible via a scheduled appointment through our smart platform.

Step 4: Job Portal and Internship Management

Careers Service is dedicated to assisting students in finding meaningful internships and employment opportunities. This can be managed through GBSB Global’s Career Portal along with external career portals. Additionally, throughout the year, Careers Service organizes various workshops, company presentations, and company visits to enhance students’ employability.

Domain 2: Alumni Service

Alumni Service has been designed exclusively for our graduates to help nurture their lifelong connections made throughout their journey at GBSB Global, as well as to provide them with a full range of services to reinforce their competencies, network, and professional career.

Domain 3: Entrepreneurship Centre

The Entrepreneurship Centre offers a range of services adapted to meet individual needs to help and support new and existing ventures pitched by innovative and talented entrepreneurs through the G-Accelerator Impact Call program on both a local and international levels.

To see some of CAEC’s past workshops, check our GBSB Global’s YouTube channel. Subscribe to get notified of new video posts and make sure to check the new Careers Portal to make the most of CAEC’s available opportunities.

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