Graduation 2021: Mission Accomplished!

1st July 2021 – what a day! The date that commemorated the long-awaited, very well deserved celebration day of the past not one, but 2 academic years!

The event was held at Hotel Alimara Barcelona. Mostafa Tarek and Annika Altmann took the lead for the festivities as the dapper-looking hosts, welcoming the esteemed invitees and coordinating the event throughout.

The program began with a brilliant opening speech by GBSB Global’s Managing Director, Mr. Antonio Rodriguez Engelmann, calling all graduates to seek their passion, stay perseverant, and continue to always strive for excellence.

We then watched this year’s fun Film Of Memories, bringing warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

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Moving forward, our esteemed Guest Speaker, Mr. Ivan RejonHead of Strategy, Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs at Ericsson, graced the occasion with his motivating speech as he encouraged the graduates to become successful professionals, whilst sharing his expert tips.

Following on, a thought-provoking, animated G-Accelerator talk by its Program Director, Mr. Xavier Arola, and a series of great, inspirational, heart-warming speeches from the admired faculty members: Miljana Micovic, Willem van Rossem, Hind G. Naaman, and Jan Jonckheere.

Then, of course, there were the farewell student speeches, complementing the most important part of the celebrations with our beautiful students walking onto the stage for their convocation. BA, MA, MSc and MBA. Their smiling faces were welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience as each received their certificate of degree completion on the dais.

For the first time ever, GBSB Global has also incorporated an online graduation, where our Online Campus graduates tuned in virtually from all over the world, to have their names called out and receive official congratulations, as part of their convocation.

Various Awards were also given out for excellent performance and notable achievement in studies, as well as continued dedication and notable contribution in extra-curricular activities within GBBS Global Business School.

It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for everyone, from graduates, to faculty members and invited guests, as the soon-to-be Alumni received their Graduation Certificates from our dignitaries.

Last but not least, the official ceremony was closed off with the traditional graduation cap throwing on the count of 1,2,3. And just like that, these ambitious young minds ended a chapter of their student lives, officially joining the rows of GBSB Global Alumni.

If you missed it, make sure to catch up on the YouTube Live Broadcast. Photos are up on Facebook.

Now it is definitely the time to celebrate new beginnings, and you move forward from here. GBSB Global once again sincerely thanks every graduate for their tremendous work in such difficult times, great achievements and all the sacrifices made to get to where we are today. We wish every one of you a prosperous future filled with unique, rich personal and professional experiences. Continue to explore your passion and interests, continue to work hard and seek developmental opportunities. After all, as said, “Those who stop learning tomorrow will” Creativity, Innovation, Sustainability, Social Awareness and Global-Interconnectedness. Keep these values as you build your future.

As mentioned by our Managing Director, the relationship with GBSB Global does not have to end here. You are still welcome to attend our regular Guest Speaker lectures, should you find them interesting. Also, GBSB Global’s Career Gate will always stay available for those wanting to seek new professional challenges or hire talented workforce within GBSB Global community; and of course, our G-Accelerator - our own Start-up Incubator Program in Barcelona, always seeking bright entrepreneurial minds ready to accelerate their innovative ideas to enter the global market.

Finally, remember that you are always welcome at our Alumni Reunions. Stay updated via our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to not miss our on anything.

Stay safe and best of luck!

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