GBSB Global’s First Ever Career Fair!

At GBSB Global we try to give more than just classes to our students, we also try to offer opportunities. By meeting companies in the city you are studying, you essentially make contacts with experienced professionals and ultimately it is networking like this that can allow you to get your foot in the door.

The job market our students are facing today is a competitive place, where the majority of applicants are already highly educated and experienced young individuals, therefore there is more of a supply than demand when it comes for companies searching for new employees. That is why it is the little extra things that can set you apart and take you down the career path you want to follow.

A variety of four companies came to talk to our students, the first being Spotahome. Spotahome is essentially a great online and virtual real estate agent, except instead of having to go and visit a property in person, all properties are filmed and shot in HD so you can visit while in the comfort of your own home. This is a great service for people who are coming from abroad who want to find a place before they arrive and feel secure in the property they will be renting. Spotahome also offers its services in 8 different languages so it creates a sense of trust and understanding with its clients.

The second company we had was Volotea, a low-cost airline for affordable flights and tickets to European countries. The beauty of Volotea is that is allows its customers to fly to prime destinations with unbeatable prices for as low as 15 euros! Of course, these flights are not for everyone however it gives an opportunity to study which markets are interested and what customer profile Volotea looks for.

The third company was Traffic Stars, what makes them unique is they are a powerful, self-serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange built by a team of experts who share over 10 years of experience in the online advertising industry! They offer easy solutions for publishers, advertisers, developers and marketers so that everyone can buy and sell premium, thus creating worldwide traffic with just a click of a button! Their level of experience is such a great opportunity for students to ask questions and gain some knowledge!

Last but not least, we had B4Finance come and share some insights about how they are building the most innovative onboarding and KYC (Know your customer) platform for financial institutions, by using blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. With their international team they work together to create a unique product that ultimately is addressing one of the crucial pain points of financial institutions.

We hope our GBSB Global students at our Barcelona campus were able to take away some important insights and problem-solving ideas, along with some new professional contacts!

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