GBSB Global Signs Partnership with United States Sports Academy



GBSB Global Business School has signed another educational partnership with USSA (United States Sports Academy). Being a part of America’s Sports University, the US Sports Academy was founded in 1972 as a response to high demands and increasing need in the sports industry. Their mission is to serve the world as a sport education resource platform, providing students with mentorship, various research facilities, and services. The academy’s distance learning delivery system enables students from all around the world to take advantage of their resources. The university itself continues to be the only accredited free-standing sports university in the Unites States, having almost 1,300 enrolled students annually.

As part of the GBSB Global – USSA agreement, our students pursuing a MSc in Sports Management Program will be able to obtain additional course completion certificates which can lead to the International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM) from USSA. GBSB Global students will be able to study the following courses:

  • Sports Administration: The study of basic concepts, theories, and organization of administration. The managerial environment, ethics, social responsibilities, and strategic management as related to sports are also explored.
  • Sports Business & Personnel Management: The study of the principles of personnel management including staffing and development of human resources as applied to sport.
  • Sports Marketing: A study of sport marketing principles and the elements of the marketing mix. Selected topics include advertising, promotions, pricing, sponsorships, licensing, and market segmentation.
  • Sport Facilities & Event Management: This course studies the principles involved in planning, marketing, producing, and evaluating sports events and facilities.
  • Introduction to Sports Security Management: This course examines the concepts, principles, and methods of organizing and administering security management and loss-prevention activities in industry, business, government, and sport venues. Emphasis is on protection of assets, personnel, and facilities.
  • Sport Public Relations: A study of the nature, content, and application of public relations in sport programs as related to educational institutions, organizations, and associations.

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