GBSB Global Collaborates with HOSCO

Arming Students with the Tools Needed to Land Their Dream Job

Sophie Navarro from HOSCO spoke with the Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management students about the online platform that has been likened to the social media platforms, LinkedIn and Facebook. The main differentiating factor that distinguishes HOSCO from the rest is that it only serves the members of the tourism and hospitality sector while LinkedIn and Facebook service the greater public.

With over 2500 companies worldwide actively engaged offering jobs and internships to its members, students have a unique opportunity to get involved. There are currently over 33,000 opportunities available for GBSB Global students to explore and potentially apply to during the course of their studies or after graduation.

Just like other social media platforms, users are encouraged to interact with other members and network with companies. There are industry specific articles written by the HOSCO community that are meant to educate its members about trending topics and issues faced by the food and beverage industry and the professionals that work in the field. Students will find informative how-to videos and tips on finding a job in the current market.

What makes HOSCO unique is that it uses a specific algorithm that only allows people with a hospitality background to join and become a part of this group. This filter better enables companies pursuing the right potential candidates to fill their available positions. GBSB Global Business School MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management students and alumni are encouraged to join HOSCO. It serves as a gateway for students seeking employment. GBSB Global endeavors to stay in touch with our graduates and this platform, with its simple, user-friendly database allows us to do just that. With a click of a button students can share their location and employment status with other members of the HOSCO community. This provides greater visibility for both our students and the university as a whole.

HOSCO serves to better students’ chances of landing their dream job with little to no headache with an industry specific site focused on putting members across the globe in touch.

GBSB Global Business School partnership with HOSCO

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