GBSB Global Business School Partners with UNWTO in Tourism

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GBSB Global is proud to announce its new partnership with UNWTO. The World Tourism Organization, UNWTO, is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and generally accessible tourism across the globe. GBSB Global joins the culminationation of over 500 companies including educational and research institutions, destinations and NGOs. The UNWTO’s Affiliate Members Programme provides a platform for its partners to engage in important conversations, share information and promote further action. Its primary mission is to nurture constructive dialogue among Affiliate Members and Member States encouraging the exchange of knowledge among key influencers with the principle intention of contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What does this mean for GBSB Global Business School and its Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management program?

As active participants of the Affiliate Members Programme, GBSB Global Business School gains exclusive access to the following tools and benefits.

1. Prototype Methodology

The UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme has addressed the task of knowledge generation by developing a prototype methodology to establish a framework where participants from the public and private sectors can work together developing innovative products that address recurring issues in the tourism industry and increases competitiveness among specific destinations across the globe.

2. UNWTO Networks

UNWTO Networks offer an outlet for active collaboration among Members addressing pertinent challenges facing the tourism industry. These are an example of UNWTO’s active networks.

The UNWTO Gastronomy Network, a forum dedicated to Affiliate Members who view the realm of culinary arts as a means for added value and increases competitiveness in the industry.

The UNWTO Knowledge Network, focusing mainly on research and is comprised of academic institutions with success in research and development.

The UNWTO Shopping Tourism Network, bringing together Members interested in harnessing the potential shopping tourism can offer various destinations around the world.

The UNWTO City Tourism Network, comprised of local, national and international players driving the sustainable development of urban tourism.

3. UNWTO Working Groups

UNWTO Working Groups are open to Affiliate Members who wish to communicate their expertise on specific tourism sectors.

4. Organization of Conferences and Events

The Affiliate Members Programme regularly organizes events where UNWTO Members, experts and key stakeholders meet to address the major trends, challenges and opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sector. These professional engagements allow members to exchange ideas freely and offers the convenient opportunity to network with some of the great leaders in the industry.

5. Gain Free Access to UNWTO E-library, UNWTO Barometer and UNWTO Statistical Data

In addition, Affiliate Members also have free access to UNWTO’s E-library, an unparalleled collection of research and information in the area of tourism and gives access to over 1,100 UNWTO publications including books, journals along with UNWTO Barometer and UNWTO Statistical data.

This list serves as an example of the wide range of benefits the partnership with UNWTO offer its members. GBSB Global Business School is invested in contributing to the overall success of the programme, its goals and help tourism and hospitality management students become active in the process. From networking to creating innovative ideas, this organization offers students the opportunity to get involved in one of the world’s leading industries and promote change for the better.

Want to know more about the United Nations World Trade Organization or how to get involved in GBSB Global’s Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management program? Contact us today! We will be happy to share with you more information on how earning your Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management at GBSB Global will provide you with the prime opportunity to get involved with international organizations setting the bar high for a successful career.

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