GBSB Global Business School is coming to your city!

Considering education abroad? Want to study on campus in Spain’s finest cities like Barcelona and Madrid? Looking for a Bachelor or Online Master Degree that won’t overlap with your current job?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get first-hand information about GBSB Global Business School. Starting the very beginning of next month, GBSB Global’s Admission Officers will be welcoming all prospective students to share insights about the school and education provided and talk them through the admission process.

GBSB Global Business School will be coming to:

  • Kiev, Ukraine – October 1-4
  • Beirut, Lebanon – October 3-5
  • Moscow, Russia – October 10
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan – October 14-15
  • Kazan, Russia – October 18
  • Cairo, Egypt – October 21-24
  • Dubai, UAE – November 11-14

GBSB Global Business School aims to foster business innovation and contribute to the world economic development by enhancing the innovative competencies of our future business leaders through an education that is entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation.

Mark your calendar! Sign up now to meet GBSB Global’s Admission Officer in your city!

Your success is our top priority. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations and are here to help. For more information contact one of our admissions representatives:

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