Dr. Paul Moran Sheehan on Cross-Cultural Communications

"Culture is like an onion: you peel layer by layer until you uncover what lies underneath"
, - says Dr. Paul Moran, an Irish national, academic, consultant, and one of the professors at GBSB Global Business School.

This past week, Paul gave a lecture on Cross-Cultural Communications to our educational partners. During his workshop, Paul Moran talked about the importance of understanding different cultures in the modern business world and provided theoretical frameworks and tools to reconcile some of the cultural differences many people face today.

Professor Paul Moran could easily be considered one of the best people to talk about everything related to cross-cultural communication field. He has lived and worked all around the world and has met thousands of interesting people along his way. France, Belgium and Italy, the US and the UK, Colombia, Hong Kong and Morocco - those are just a few places Paul has called home. He is indeed a citizen of the world!

Paul Moran had his first cultural experience at the age of 14, when he was sent abroad to France as part of the exchange program. In terms, French students were often coming to his house in Ireland. Paul quickly realized that people interpret things based on their own cultural upbringing, with their own mindset that differs tremendously country-to-country. He then knew that cultural misunderstandings happen as we expect others to see things the same way we were raised to see them.

Paul Moran dedicated his life doing thorough research on communication, digging into the very basics of human psychology, and collecting stories from people across the world. Later on, he used those stories in his works in order provide explanations to cultural differences and find tactics to use these differences for your own benefit in business and negotiations. In his career, Paul Moran has worked with many international universities, businesses schools, and international companies and taught thousands of executives, managers, and students from across the continents to decode cross-cultural complexities.

GBSB Global Business School wants to express its appreciation to all our educational partners who attended the event. We hope Paul Moran’s lecture has been helpful to all of you, has deepened your knowledge, and has helped you see the importance of culture not only in the business world, but also in day-to-day communications. GBSB Global expects this information to help you become effective leaders and communicators in the global marketplace of today.

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