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Meet our GBSB Global Professor Sergey Sukhankin

GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Professor Sergey Sukhankin

GBSB Global Business School Professor Sergey Sukhankin is a scholar and professor with international recognition focused on Russia and the Baltic Sea Region. He is an Associate Analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) - a top independent think-tank in Kiev, Ukraine. Get to know our professor and how he is contributing to GBSB Global and our vision as a diverse and innovative business school.

Meet our GBSB Global Professor Gilberto Palmerín Romero

GBSB Global Business School professor Gilberto Palmerín Romero

Esteemed professor, collaboration strategist, consultant, trainer, & coach, GBSB Global Business School is honored to have Professor Palmerín as a member of our faculty. Passionate about collaboration, innovation and creative problem solving Professor Palmerín sat down to with our staff at GBSB Global to tell us about his dynamic professional background working for the Government of Mexico, Embassy of France in Mexico, Permanent Delegation to the OECD in Paris, General Delegation of Quebec in Mexico, United States Foundation for Culture, Inc., and most recently the Quebec Government Office in Barcelona.

Teacher Profile: Jordi Castells

Jordi Castells GBSB Faculty member of Master Business Innovation and Creativity

Meet Jordi Castells is a member of our esteemed international faculty. He has been teaching at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona over the past three academic years. As a Spanish national, Professor Castells speaks Catalan, Spanish and English fluently. He also has an intermediate proficiency in French and German. When it comes to being ambitious, his desire to learn languages converts into a greater determination to acquire new information and knowledge through advanced trainings, seeking to expand his learning across many disciplines.

Teacher Profile: Josep Bosch

Teacher Profile: Josep Bosch. Master International Business

Meet our distinguished professor Josep Bosch, retired spokesman & Head of Media for the World Trade Organization. He joins our esteemed GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona faculty in April sharing his real-life experience and expertise in international business, teaching the course titled Understanding International Macroeconomy.

Teacher Profile: Ariel Castillo

Teacher Profile: Ariel Castillo

What words of advice would you give your younger self? Professor Ariel Castillo, GBSB Global Business School Barcelona’s Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management weighs in on his career. From Argentina across the Atlantic to the UK and Spain, he explains ways of doing business are different. Castillo, owner of Castlehart, brings 20 years of industry experience to the classroom at GBSB.

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