Cities for Citizens & the iWater Conference

These co-located events brought together global professionals and investors in the search for sustainability, urban planning and the competent management of natural resources. An event that took place over three days, 15-17 November, at Fira Barcelona.

A global event, Cities for Citizens, was organized to support the development of our cities and their infrastructure. This was an event that brought professionals and leading stakeholders together to discuss ideas, network, share experiences and procure international business deals. It was an exciting, high-energy conference where students were able to network with representatives from a wide variety of businesses in conjunction to smart cities and sustainability from over 105 countries.

The iWater forum set out to define and mark the future water management in areas with high water stress. The main themes that were discussed were resilience, governance and financing. With over 80 national and international experts in attendance, they were engaged in generating ideas, presenting practical improvements and setting forth a strategic vision for water management and the future challenges they face in regards to regulatory framework and sustainability constraints.

GBSB Global Business School students were given this unique opportunity by Professor Raúl Alonso, who teaches Doing Business in Africa. He had provided a select number of invitations to the school which allowed students to attend both of these events simultaneously on Tuesday, November 15th. A fantastic occasion, where the students were not only inspired but had a wide base of global professionals in a variety of industries converged in one venue to speak with and motivate them in their studies.

By Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

  • An interactive conference, iWater, engages GBSB students in water preservation  and addressing areas of the world dealing with water stress
  • A fascinating water pump utilizing new technology in addressing the water crisis the world faces
  • Students were encouraged to interact with presenters and to look for potential career opportunities in business
  • Water, a major natural resource that was the focus of this year dual conference addressing water stressed regions throughout the world, in addition to the function of smart cities today
  • The innovation and design of smart cities as a part of the Cities for Citizens Conference GBSB students attended last Tuesday, 15th November 2016
  • The face of new technology that can “read” your age and mood, all a part of the Cities for Citizens Conference

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