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Thinking of studying hospitality management and tourism management? GBSB Global Business School offers Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management with the components of sustainability, experiential marketing and marketing of destinations, and emerging global issues in international tourism. You can find the complete program details (duration, tuition fees, and program structure) here.

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is one of the best places in Spain to study Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management if you wish to find out more about sustainable tourism and emerging issues in international tourism and hospitality industry. The business school has been recently included in the list of sustainable business schools and universities by SustainabilitySchools, a think-tank in this area.

Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management in Barcelona – the most touristic destination in the Mediterranean

Tourism is one of the economic strengths of Barcelona. Nowadays, tourism and hospitality is one of the more solid features of this big city in Spain. During the last five years and despite the global economic crisis, Barcelona has enjoyed a period of high tourist demand, with good figures and business. Moreover, Barcelona is home to the Hospitality Industry World Congress, a meeting point for all the professionals in the Hospitality Industry, and a space to share and analyze the latest trends in the hospitality industry in Spain and worldwide.

Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management offers excellent hospitality and tourism education for future professionals who wish to develop an international career in the hospitality industry. Leaders creating the difference through vision, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, change and cross cultural sensitivity.  

Recognizing within international employers, our Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management prepares future and current managers for high-level operational responsibilities in all tourism and hospitality sectors, including hotel and restaurant management, catering, amusement parks, consulting and related activities. Innovative, thorough and taught exclusively in English, Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management will add a whole new dimension to your international career.

Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management program components include:

  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Marketing of Destinations and Experiential Marketing
  • Emerging Issues in International Tourism
  • Operations and Touristic Facilities Management

Why Studying Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management?

The rapid growth of domestic and international tourism has led to an increasing demand for graduates who have a thorough understanding of hospitality management and tourism management in its wider social, cultural, economic, and political contexts.

Studying for a Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management involves learning how to predict the future – working out what people will want from their leisure and travel pursuits and how those wants are implemented and managed. That it is why one area of the program concentrates on marketing of destinations and experiential marketing. Students also study the structure of different tourism organizations, aspects of hospitality and leisure and the environmental and economic impact of tourism operations.

Global and Strategic Approach to Your Career Development

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is famous for incorporating an international perspective into every area of teaching. The teaching during the Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management is of the highest academic standard and is based on real industry insight – our academic staff enjoy a good reputation for academic excellence and business knowledge.

Our team is also renowned for taking a personal approach to supporting students to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. The related areas of tourism and hospitality management offer huge opportunities for rewarding management careers in Spain, around Europe and worldwide.

The hospitality industry is in continuous need of managerial staff, and varied, challenging and rewarding careers await enthusiastic and committed business professionals in all areas of hospitality. Tourism, together with travel, is now regarded as the world´s fastest growing industry. It provides a wide range of career opportunities in many industry sectors, such as tour operators, airlines, tourist attractions and hotel groups.

After earning a Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management, individuals who are perusing a career in tourism have a plethora of different work locations to choose from (e.g. Barcelona, Spain, Europe, Latin America, Asia…). Each country has its own unique features that attract tourists. Tourism and hospitality is a great industry to infiltrate due to the high demand for employees and numerous career opportunities available for international students. You can be assured that this booming industry will continue to grow in the years to come.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Master in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management degree program, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisers. 



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