The Secrets of Business Success: Study in Barcelona and Learn How to Become a Business Rock Star

Open Online Seminar

With Hubert Joo Kitano, Professor of Finance at GBSB and Professional Football Coach

Everyone, at least once in their life, gets a feeling that they have to change something. They want to get out of their normal routine, establish new goals, live a more fulfilling life, become a better person, take an adventure, and do something amazing that propels them to new heights.  The more success stories you see online and on TV, the more inspired you feel to join the club of young and motivated entrepreneurs who have decided to be the boss instead of working for one. But where do you get started?

Barcelona is a city of people who listened to this internal voice and acted upon its calling. It is a city that inspires its residents to embrace their dreams. Not only does Barcelona boast a fantastic climate and dynamic art scene but, most importantly, Barcelona is home to the world renown football team, FC Barcelona, and has recently become an international entrepreneurial hub, what many have started to refer to as the Silicon Valley of Europe.

Football and business. Do they have anything in common? Racking up points on a score board is similar to the business idea of "looking for ways to increase profits and raise money" while "preventing company losses." There are more similarities between football and business than you can imagine. Football is a business. Discover it with Global Business School Barcelona Professor of Finance and Professional Football Coach Hubert Joo.

BBA in Entrepreneurship students from Egypt in Camp Nou FC Barcelona stadium
Topics include:
  • Discover Your Entrepreneurial Potential
  • Risks, Tricks, and other Secrets of Entrepreneurship
  • Football and Lessons of Business Success
  • Live Your Dream in Barcelona: The Life of Egyptian Students in Barcelona
  • Student Visa and Residency Tips and Advice
Featured Panelists:
  • Hubert Joo Kitano, Professor of Finance at Global Business School Barcelona and Professional Football Coach
  • Selim El Battouty, GBSB BBA in Entrepreneurship student from Egypt, capitan of the Global Business School Barcelona BBA football team
  • Andrea Castillo, Academic Coordinator at Global Business School Barcelona
Date & Time:

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

6 PM Cairo – 5 PM Madrid

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