What Have Our Alumni Been Up To

Nine months. Time passes before our eyes. Our intensive business programs graduate some of the most talented and driven individuals from across the globe. GBSB Global’s alumni recently completed a survey, keeping us abreast of their professional activities and career achievements. As a business school focused on transforming the way business is taught, it is important to GBSB Global to get feedback and testimonials from our esteemed graduates and stay in touch.

Where are our graduates today?

In our recent study, 63% of our alumni have pursued an international career abroad, whereas 27% decided to return to their native country to further pursue their careers. Many graduates take internships with major international firms that often lead to fulltime employment after graduation. Taking advantage of GBSB Global’s diverse network of professional contacts has also helped many students navigate the global business environment, steering them in the right direction.

Has it been easy to find a job in a highly competitive global economy?

An amazing 75% of our alumni have found work within 1-3 months after their graduation. This is a fantastic figure and a testament to our students’ dedication, talent and hard work. Our graduates are highly sought after professionals making connections with leading business people long before graduation, helping shape the path of their future careers while pursuing their studies so that it is a smooth transition into the professional world.

How do our alumni stack up to other professionals in business?

The majority of GBSB Global alumni are working in Executive or Upper Management Positions.

Of our graduates, 53% have obtained executive or upper management titles. With over half of our alumni in high ranking positions, we take pride in their achievements. Students who occupy middle management positions account for 27% of our graduates and 20% have opted to accept intermediate management positions.

Where are our graduates working?

Apple, British Airways, Swarovski and Santander Bank just name a few of the world renowned companies our alumni work for.

Why are our alumni so successful?

Students studying at GBSB Global Business School are supported by very dedicated professors and staff who take pride in preparing tomorrow’s future leaders for the next phase of their lives by arranging professional workshops, corporate business presentations on campus and career orientation services.

Resources GBSB Global Students Have Readily Available:

  • Career Development Workshops
  • Internship Assistance
  • Career Services Online Directory

Want to join our graduates and set off on a promising journey? Embrace the opportunity to study at one of Spain’s most innovative business schools. With campuses in Madrid and Barcelona, students set out from day one defining their future ambitions and setting a course to reach them. With the helpful guidance and mentorship of our diverse faculty, who are successful business professionals themselves, GBSB Global students have an incredible advantage over their peers from other business schools.

We take pride in our alumni and want to relish in their accomplishments. Their success is a reflection of our pursuit of academic excellence. Want to join their ranks and become a part of our fantastic statistics? Tell us your career goals, and we will tell you how we can help you reach them.

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