Reap the Benefits of Blended Learning at GBSB Global

Accessibility and quality education are two extraordinary benefits students derive from GBSB Global Business School’s Blended Learning option. If you have been waiting to invest in your professional degree or get back to your studies but are not quite ready to commit to full-time on-campus life, look no further. The Blended Learning option has been made for you!

At GBSB Global, students can take advantage of both worlds when it comes to studying online and in-person, taught 100% in English by some of the most innovative professionals and industry experts in business today. Start your studies remotely during GBSB Global’s next intake and move to one of the physical campuses in Malta or Spain later in the academic year.

Not only does Blended Learning offer students more control over their time, place, direction and pace of study, students earning a blended degree also acquire extensive digital learning experience which enhances their digital literacy and therefore employment marketability. Having gained this digital acumen and lone-working experience demonstrates to future employers that GBSB Global graduates have adopted the right temperament necessary to successfully manage their education on top of other existing responsibilities and personal activities without having that everyday supervision from the faculty.

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As a GBSB Global community member you will become part of a hugely diverse academic environment with both your peers and professors originating from over 100+ nations. This dynamic setting of combined online and on-campus worlds will help you foster a truly global mindset and network.

Getting to know the academic advisors and professors at GBSB Global, students will have the opportunity to connect with numerous CEOs, business owners, founders, and specialists that can open doors to international career opportunities across all industries.

No need to postpone your studies any further - make your dream of studying abroad come true. Select the Blended Learning option and adapt the transformational move abroad to your personal needs and means. Get a head start from the comfort of your current location and transition to on-campus learning with ease when it fits your schedule. Offering guidance on how to seek out accommodation through the use of one of our partners to board near the selected campus. With a shorter stay, make your living abroad more affordable. Gain insights from your international peers to feel more assimilated and be well informed when making decisions on how to navigate the city and how to handle the study abroad formalities.

Take advantage of additional discounts. Investing in a hybrid degree, students will enjoy exclusive pricing, which make it a viable option for those on a strict budget. GBSB Global is concerned not only with changing the way in which business is taught but also making the world of quality business education, online and abroad, accessible for all.

The first step is yours to take. Enroll online today for one of the pioneering Bachelor, Master or MBA programs we offer, and we look forward to meeting you in person, on campus very soon!

Can you see yourself as a GBSB Global Business School student 6 months from now? Time to visualize and prepare for a typical day that awaits:

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