Loftus Bradford Company Presentation at GBSB

On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Loftus Bradford Executive Search, a fast growing, international boutique executive search firm working in the international marketplace gave a company presentation at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona. The company works with top talent and big, international brands that are shaping the 21st century.

Zara English, Head of Diversity Practice at the firm, gave a presentation titled, Leading Your Career in the Age of the "Millennial". A classroom packed with inquisitive GBSB Global Business School students sat intently ready to ask questions about the future of business from a head hunter's point-of-view.

Zara transitioned into the interactive discussion by presenting a quote from Steve Jobs, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future". In short, it is not always about the result of your plans and intentions but rather about trusting the process and resting assured that it will all work out.

GBSB Global Business School students were eager, at this point, to hear about the company and what their daily functions were. Zara, along with her team, described the main make up of organizations today, what obstacles they face, and how their firm works to procure candidates that fulfill their clients' need. The demands most international organizations outline are:

  1. Diversity Speaking in regards to organizations and the team dynamic, it is more beneficial to have a diverse team, and that is what more and more clients want. Diversity offers the greatest learning potential propelling teams forward.
  2. Economic Challenges Navigating political events is sometimes a challenge looking at the current climate in the world right now.
  3. Environmental Challenges Climate change and global warming are hot topics and rightfully so. Sustainability is a common concern with companies large and small.
  4. Career Tenure Baby Boomers versus the Millennials, generationally there is a lot that differentiates them, namely in the way they work. Companies are adjusting to the new dynamic, but it is not always easy.

As a boutique, executive search agency, Loftus Bradford deals with their share of challenges. These were outlined as attraction and retention, adaptation to the changing digital environment and promoting agility and flexibility in the workplace and in the market. Always looking to counter these hurdles, the executive search firm embraces diversity in their workplace and in the global market, helping prospective candidates find their passion and purpose in demanding yet lucrative positions.

The Loftus Bradford team provided sound career advice to GBSB Global Business School Barcelona students aspiring to fill the positions the company talked about. Students were advised to:

  • Identify role models
  • Challenge the stereotype
  • Have an open mind

In order to develop a successful career in the industries in which they work, Zara told GBSB Global Business School Barcelona students to approach experience with the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development in mind, focusing on taking 70% of experience from on-the-job training, 20% from coaching and 10% from external training.

Finally, Zara recommended, from her own experience, that GBSB Global Business School Barcelona students shouldn't focus on recreating the wheel, but rather finding something that has been done, that they have interest in and making or doing it better. It is also important to stay humble and adaptable along the way.

What do you do when you arrive at success? Zara said, send the "elevator back down", by this comment she affirmed the importance of helping others along the way, that success is better shared. Working and leading teams as an executive is not all about individual success and achievement, but fulfillment is attained when those people around you also learn and excel.

Imparting her own words of wisdom regarding students' future careers, Zara explained that passion and purpose are achieved more readily when you do something that makes a difference, that contributes to the world. Don't forget to have fun, and success will follow. Zara closed the presentation with a brief question and answer session.

The Loftus Bradford firm fosters an international approach to diversity and upholds a philosophy based on sustainable business, social responsibility, and contributing positively to the world around us. Their global, Fortune 500 clients and placement success of future leaders have given them notoriety and put their name on the map in Europe and abroad.

GBSB Global Business School was founded with a strong connection to international commerce. GBSB's objective is to graduate business professionals prepared to fill international market demand. A few examples of the current GBSB Global Business School's offerings for connecting with industry professionals include: an on-campus career development program, interview preparation and job search assistance, and company on-campus presentations and on-site tours (industrial visits). Providing these events, tools, and assistance better prepares GBSB Global Business School graduates who aspire to attain executive positions with multinational companies or start their own businesses.

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

Zara English, Head of Diversity Practice at Loftus Bradford, gave a presentation titled, Leading Your Career in the Age of the Millennial at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona

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