International Night at GBSB November 30th, 2016

Celebrating diversity at GBSB Global Business School, students and staff gathered together Wednesday, November 30th 2016 to share local dishes from their native countries. A culinary event that allowed our globally rich student body to join together in festive merriment and learn about one another’s culture and heritage.

GBSB takes pride that our international student body represents over 65+ nationalities. This diversity is what students believe to be their biggest asset. Learning from one another and being able to hear first-hand accounts of what business is like in other countries around the world sets their educational experience apart from other business schools.

As students study for their finals, this event marked the beginning of the holiday season and the push before the end of the fall term. A joyful time to give thanks and cherish the new friendships and experiences each student has made over the past several months.

Internationalism is core to our ethos. Our students come from Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. This highly cosmopolitan, multilingual, multicultural student group creates a dynamic environment for the design and delivery of our academic curriculum. At GBSB Global Business School, we are committed to the principle of incorporating internationalism in the academic content of our degree programs and capitalizing from the richness and variety of the linguistic, cultural, and educational backgrounds of our students. We strongly believe that a mature, responsible outlook for the future business leaders of the globalized economy of the 21st century is most effectively fostered through formal and informal interaction between students from a wide variety of countries, from many different parts of the world. Being one of the international universities that teach in English in Spain, GBSB Global Business School is a bridge connecting people from different nationalities to the international business arena.

By Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

  • GBSB student body takes this opportunity to share local dishes from their native countries
  • In addition to their studies at GBSB Global Business School, students bake as well
  • A festive event where GBSB highlights encourages its diverse student body to get creative and share a piece of their culture
  • Celebrations at GBSB are both educational and fun

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