Insider Tips: How to Prepare for Your First Week at GBSB GLOBAL

It’s a new city, new school, new friends, and new accommodation. Life can be stressful beginning a new adventure, moving abroad to study, but let us help ease your way into the new term ahead by laying out a short list of things-to-do and prepare before classes start. Set yourself up for a successful term.

Now that you are settled into the city and you are getting acquainted with your surroundings, here is a list of what to do to prepare for the first week at GBSB GLOBAL.

1. Buy the Essentials

Sounds like an easy rule of thumb, but often students get caught without a pen and paper. Make sure you have your classroom basics, pen, pencil, notebook, and folders for all those important documents like the syllabus and general student policies.

2. Map Your Way to Class

Time is an essential key to setting a good impression and staying proactive on attendance. As with work, the time clock is important, so it is no surprise that it is an essential part to being ready and prepared at the start of class. GBSB GLOBAL takes attendance very seriously and can impact whether or not you pass your class. So, get out your GPS and make sure you have your route laid out ahead of time.

3. Follow Us on Social Media

Get familiar with our various forms of communication. Start with our official Facebook page and check out our Blog and News feed on our website to stay up-to-date on current events, activities, and engaging articles.

4. Bring Your Questions to Orientation Day

Take a look at your email from the Academics Department and ask yourself if you have any questions that may make some of the processes easier. For example, do your research about the Spanish NIE, and jot down the information that seems unclear and bring these notes to class.

5. Study

If you are planning on taking Spanish classes during your time at GBSB GLOBAL, make sure to brush up on your notes before taking the Spanish Language Level Test. You want to be placed in the appropriate level, so give it your best effort.


If you have any general questions or concerns bring them to the attention of our talented academics team.

Experience at GBSB GLOBAL is international and is focused on global awareness and sensitivities

Our students are our biggest asset, and we hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of academics. The experience at GBSB GLOBAL is entirely international and is focused on developing a global consciousness. This approach to business education makes us one of the most innovative universities that teach business in English in Barcelona. It is in this context that GBSB stands apart from its competitors, notably by meeting and excelling at embracing these pillars.

  • Global Focus – We are educating students to become global citizens, who think globally while at the same time act locally.
  • Business Ethics & Sustainability – We strive to resolve global challenges plaguing today’s markets by educating ethical and responsible business leaders for tomorrow.
  • Employability – We support students in procuring their future careers by providing them with appropriate, applicable, and current business knowledge.
  • Modern University Style – We offer an innovative curriculum, highly esteemed international professors, and top American business school teaching methods by using case studies, group exercises and individual and group presentations.
  • Individual Approach – We nurture a student-centered active learning environment provided in small group classes, making sure every student leaves with a greater understanding of both the theory and modern trends impacting business today.

Get ready! This term is the start of something very special! Making the decision to study at GBSB GLOBAL will positively change your life and set you on the right path to a successful career. We are happy to welcome you to our diverse student body and look forward to seeing you on campus!

Prepare yourself beforehand to get the most out of GBSB GLOBAL’s April Orientation Day


Orientation Day

April 3, 2017
Time Session Name Room Tutor
9:00-10:00 Spanish Language Level Test (only BBA, MSC & MBA students) Visual Thinking Antonella
10:00-10:30 Documents Fulfilment (all) Visual Thinking Antonella, Andrea
10:30-11:15 Academic Policy Session Visual Thinking Yelena
11:15-11:30 NIE Session & Visa Documents Visual Thinking Andrea
11:30-12:00 Digital Session Visual Thinking Antonio
12:00-12:30 Coffee Break & Photo Session Hall Florencia

More activities to follow in the afternoon. Please check for your official schedule emailed by the GBSB GLOBAL Academics department for more information.

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