GBSB Global Business School is Recognized as the First & Only Official Higher Education Microsoft School in Spain

GBSB Global Business School is the first Business School in Spain recognized as a Microsoft School

Recognition as a Microsoft School is awarded to schools worldwide that have started their journey implementing a complete digital transformation to improve and innovate their teaching and learning methods. This platform creates an inclusive high-tech academic experience that not only stimulates advanced learning and development but also motivates students to achieve greatness.

GBSB Global Business School is the first and only higher education institution and business school in Spain who has obtained this Microsoft School accreditation.

In order to change the way we do business, we must, as a leading business school in Spain, also bring change to the way universities teach business. At GBSB Global Business School, we have begun this process by installing a high-tech digital classroom experience. Students are empowered with the Microsoft Classroom on the first day of their classes. This platform connects students directly with their professors via the Microsoft Classroom App, where students can keep up-to-date with real time notifications regarding assignments and grades. The app also allows students to chat with professors outside the classroom, privately or in a group, about questions they may have on assignments and projects.

Offering New Possibilities

Having established our Online Campus operations, GBSB Global is now able to extend its educational offerings worldwide to all the keen learners across the globe, who may not want to or be able to travel abroad, bringing various personal and professional backgrounds into the virtual classroom. The digital classes are also a great alternative for all existing GBSB Global on-site students, who wish to delve deeper into technologies, enhance their digital literacy, and obtain much greater flexibility, from tailored schedule to preferred time, format, and location of study, taking full advantage of GBSB Global’s “anytime, anywhere” approach to innovative business education.

Available Digital Tools

Students also have the advantage to make use of the Offline Office Package throughout the entire duration of their enrollment at GBSB Global Business School. They will also have 1 TB cloud storage available on OneDrive, a huge asset and convenience, motivating students to stay connected and organized. Eligible students that have a previous version of Microsoft Office (with the legal license number) will have perpetual access to the school’s Windows 10 education license.

GBSB Global Business School is the front-runner for higher education institutions in Spain. Motivating other colleges and universities to aspire to attain the Microsoft School accreditation. Making significant strides in creating the most innovative classroom environment, GBSB Global Business School is transforming students’ learning experience and empowering them with the tools to go far.

Leading the way as a premier business school in Spain, GBSB Global Business School is recognized as one of the most innovative business schools in Europe where the curriculum reflects the current market demand. Providing students with an unparalleled digital teaching and learning environment only better prepares them for the major advancements in information technologies we see in business today.

GBSB Global Business School joins a global community of schools engaged in a digital transformation to enhance teaching and learning worldwide.  These institutions produce comprehensive experiences that stimulate lifelong learning, and incite development of indispensable life skills to embolden students to realize their aspirations.

The classroom of the future is within our reach. What does it look like?

1. Students Will Interact with Others Remotely

Yes, students at can proudly say they can already do this. This important step helps students reach beyond the classroom’s walls and engage with other students, teachers, authors, scientists, and experts in their field of study to enhance their learning.

2. Advances in Technology Will Still Rely on Talented Teachers

"Education needs to drive technology use, rather than the 'coolness' of technology trumping education", says Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academic. The human factor will not be eliminated by technology, being "online" is not a cure-all for education. Intelligent, resourceful, and inspiring teachers will still be a vital component to the academic equation.

3. The Diploma Will Take on A Whole New Meaning

The standard 4-year diploma for an undergraduate degree will get a new look. With the changing face of education, this traditional degree outlining essentially how many years a student spent studying a particular discipline will contrast the new age of competency-based certifications, testing specific skills and bundling individual’s skills into professional groupings, which will become the new means of marketing to potential employers.


Being acknowledged by Microsoft as a leader in digital education is an honor and not something GBSB Global Business School takes lightly. GBSB strives to provide students with the most state-of-the-art learning experience from day one, supporting their growth and future career success by giving them an unparalleled digital teaching and learning environment that continuously adapts to the changing climate of innovation and technology.

Take advantage of this unrivaled academic experience; get more information about our business school in Spain and enroll today!

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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