GBSB Global Welcomes New Students on Campus!

If you didn’t know January 7th was Orientation Day, and GBSB Global Business School welcomed a many students from all over the world!

In the morning, students were warmly greeted by staff, and divided by their programs (MA or BBA, MSC/MBA) and led to their orientation presentation. There students had a chance to introduce themselves to the group and speak a little about themselves and what they are going to be studying. It was amazing to see the diversity of students coming from Russia, Germany, Vietnam, Brazil and Canada just to name a few.

After the presentation, students really had a chance to mingle, eat and take a drink in the study area. Many students said they were impressed with the “really digital and innovative learning methods and new classrooms”. Throughout the day there were many sessions and seminars to help students get settled including an Academic Policy & Graduation Requirement seminar, a Digital session, a NIE session and afternoon outdoor activities Student Lead Mostafa! He guided students around the city and introduced them to sites to visit and cool places to spend time with new friends.

Students were also given a welcome pack and were able to fill out their registration forms. If you are a new student and have not filled out your registration forms or have any other questions relating to your studies or life in your new city, do not fear! Feel free to ask our academic coordinators Lola and Diana or Student Lead Mostafa in Barcelona or Katarzyna and Anabel in Madrid, they will be happy to help you.

GBSB Global is proud to welcome these new faces, who will soon become familiar with our programs and all they have to offer to ensure the success of each individual. The amazing journey begins!

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Your success is our top priority. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations and are here to help. For more information contact one of our admissions representatives:

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