GBSB Global Professor Sergey Sukhankin Speaks at a Major European Conference in Madrid

GBSB Global Business School professor, Associate Expert at ICPS (Kiev), and visiting Research Fellow, IBEI (Barcelona), Sergey Sukhankin was a keynote speaker at a major European conference hosted by CIDOB Barcelona Centre for International Affairs and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) with the support of the European City for Citizens program. The title of the conference was:

"Is Putin’s Russia an alternative model for Europe?"

The conference looked at a new social consensus around conservative values that seem to be in the making today in Europe and exactly how real this movement is.

The conference took place on June 16th, 2017 at Espacio Bertelsman in Madrid.

The conference in Madrid’s objective was to identify how Russia represents a challenge for the EU, and in what capacity, as a potential threat, is it in its very nature and reach? Seventeen years after Putin’s accession to power, the foundation of his regime is still at the heart of many debates in regard to what scope Russia plays in European affairs.

A new social consensus around conservative values seems to be in the making in Europe. But how real is this notion? In the United States and the EU, Putin has become an idol for far-right and populist groups. The Kremlin is using the media as a powerful tool to foster these groups and entice support to follow its geopolitical agenda. Russia is going further yet, promoting disinformation, or propaganda campaigns which intend to undermine the EU’s credibility and its firm stance regarding Ukraine. The conference in Madrid explored what Russia really wants for the European security order?

Professor Sukhankin spoke under the platform presenting Russia’s Model for a European Security Order. The other topics highly qualified government officials, politicians, research fellows, and journalists spoke about were Disinformation and Russian Influence on Populism in the EU and the Conservative Revolution in Russia.

GBSB Global Business School is privileged to have such esteemed professors as members of its diverse faculty. Professor Sukhankin is an academic scholar and research fellow with international merit focused on Russia and the Baltic Sea Region. Much of his academic career has delved into the topics of military relations, cybersecurity, and economic development.

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