GBSB Global Partners with think-cell, Promoting the Latest Software

GBSB Global Business School is proud to announce its new partnership with think-cell, a growing, fast-paced software company located in Berlin, Germany. This tech-based relationship provides students with advanced tools within the Microsoft Suite, namely PowerPoint and Excel, aiding students’ ability to create and visualize complex charts and data for business.

What is think-cell?

think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-on for the PowerPoint and Excel programs, which integrates flawlessly with these applications to help students and professors conceptualize intricate charts like Marimekko, Gantt and Waterfall within minutes. There are a set of tools built in the think-cell system to enable students with the capacity to structure and retain agendas within a PowerPoint presentation. More than 600,000 professionals at over 12,000 major consulting firms and companies use think-cell every day rendering business data. Free licenses of think-cell are available and provided to our GBSB Global students, faculty and staff for the use on both university-owned and personal computers.

Benefits for students

There is a wealth of features accessible to students meant to provide them with a more user-friendly experience and the opportunity to become familiar and proficient using one of the most up-to-date applications in business. think-cell efficiently integrates into PowerPoint and offers students more than 40 chart options, dozens of data-driven visual enhancements and other unique features. Organizing and presenting data in a professional manner may have taken students and professors countless hours before will find think-cell streamlines the process. Students are able to create graphic imagery that parallels top business consultant firms. These capabilities help students prepare for the real world and allow them to test the market and become familiar with the latest in tech.

Why is think-cell important for business students?

On a day-to-day basis in the classroom or at the office, students will be able to save time and energy having access to think-cell’s capabilities. GBSB Global is in line with 9 out of 10 business schools, according to the U.S. News & World Report, providing think-cell software to all their students and faculty members.

As a business school seeking to provide the most innovative education available today, it is only fitting that GBSB Global showcases our new partnership that emboldens our students to excel in today’s dynamic business world where staying ahead of the competition is of vital importance. Having become proficient with the think-cell capabilities during their studies, students will join the work force with the aptitude many will not have.

Why is important to use smart tools in business?

Smart tools are ever more vital to success in business than before. With the advancements in technology, businesses have had to adapt their operations to meet the demand of the user. From consumers to investors, having clear data and information readily available will not only save valuable time, which is a huge commodity these days, but it will demonstrate the business’ ability to evolve with the speed of technology.

For the modern consumer staying current on trends in business is key. Students looking to have a successful career in business will find that utilizing tools like think-cell will not only save them time, but money. Smart tools in business make financial sense and will drive the future of business.

Take advantage of GBSB Global’s partnership and gain access to the tools that will enable you to go far. Become proficient in visually conceptualizing complex data and look like a seasoned business professional before even graduating. Demonstrate to future employers that you have the flexibility and aptitude to advance with new developments in tech and stay ahead of your competition. Learn more about this partnership or any of our other key affiliates by contacting us directly or reviewing our website.

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