GBSB Global Business School Unveils Its Brand Identity & Academic Philosophy

GBSB Global, a young and dynamic business school, unveiled the evolution of its innovative brand identity, including a modernized and simplified update to its iconic global image by revamping its brand identity to reflect a truly global focus on the world of business education.

The ability to thrive in today’s digital age as well as position GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and Madrid as a forward-thinking, student-centered innovative business school was fundamental to this change. To flourish in this new digital era where business evolves faster than ever before, we want to modernize and enhance the brand in a design that is simple, clean, and sophisticated, conveying the university’s commitment to higher education on an international stage.

GBSB Global Business School has undergone amazing changes over this past academic year from mere esthetics, modernizing the Barcelona campus, introducing the Microsoft Classroom, and becoming the first official ACCA computer based testing center in Spain, to expanding the business school’s offerings by opening a whole new campus in Madrid and partnering with the renowned University of Alcalá offering GBSB Global students the opportunity to earn dual degrees in conjunction to specific programs. The changes have been profound, enhancing students’ collegiate experience, innovating with advancements in technology, and offering a range of new opportunities from financial certifications to new internships with companies like W Hotel and Puig.

In light of continued growth and national and international expansion, the Global Business School Barcelona name has been changed to GBSB Global. It does not have any particular attachment to a city, rather the new name maintains our roots and history, but identifies the school as being outwardly focused on the world as a whole, changing the way in which we teach business on an international scale and bringing together talented minds from regions near and far.

The mission of GBSB Global Business School is to foster business innovation and contribute to the world economic development by enhancing the innovative competencies of their future business leaders through an education that is entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation. Taking steps to enhance students’ educational experience, providing them with the most innovative technologies on campus, industrial visits, and global recognition through various certifications has inspired GBSB Global to rebrand its image to reflect its position as an innovative leader in global business education.

Designing a brand mark and identity to work seamlessly across all digital platforms, educational agencies partnered universities, and certification boards, while preserving its diverse and innovative culture was key to the overall effort.

This new branding approach focuses on three core values and five brand pillars that will serve to lay the framework for the future of GBSB Global Business School and its academic pursuits.

GBSB Global Business School’s Core Values

Embodying Diversity

GBSB Global Business School is an educational institution that celebrates diversity at each level of the learning process through inclusiveness, empathy, and internationalism. Our students and alumni include representatives from over 70 countries. GBSB Global’s faculty members are business leaders from over 20 different countries with a variety of international backgrounds and professional experiences. Our programs prepare students to work and live across the globe and successfully overcome the challenges our globalized world faces today. Students develop a cultural intelligence and awareness that empowers them to work effectively with people who have vastly different values and behaviors. The diversity among our students, alumni, and faculty is a valuable educational tool which promotes greater creativity, problem-solving, and peer to peer learning.

Embracing Innovation

GBSB Global Business School offers business programs that encourage, nurture, and develop the innovative potential our students possess. We strive to have an impact on our graduates’ and their ability to effectively manage, articulate, and implement innovative processes within their places of employment. Managers with the right vision, drive the demand for innovation through well-developed businesses and successfully executed strategies which affect the ongoing supply of high quality innovation. We aspire to create a better world by promoting the importance of business innovation within our curriculum, preparing students to seek opportunities to find creative solutions that will impact the economy.

Encouraging Opportunities

GBSB Global Business School is a place where students can grow both professionally and personally, acquire new knowledge and skills, develop their network, and advance their cultural and emotional intelligence. Studying at GBSB Global is a life changing experience. Our students gain a global perspective on the world, full of new career and business opportunities. GBSB Global motivates, inspiring students to reach for new horizons, inspires imagination without limits, and assures that each and every student achieves their full potential as a successful, future business leader.

These values were selected because they supply the framework of our ethos.

The brand pillars further describe the school’s position and their objectives as a global institution in business education.

GBSB Global Business School’s Brand Pillars

Equality and Collaboration

GBSB Global Business School believes in the potential of each individual and values every human being for who they are regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, cultural background, religion, beliefs, and physical and mental abilities. We foster a spirit of diversity, respect, compassion, and collaboration throughout their academic career and during student life activities. In order to discover the talents of our students, we promote a personalized approach and student-centered learning models. Everybody is unique and our goal is to maximize the potential of everyone.

Integrity and Business Ethics

A company’s success depends on their integrity and on how well they address sustainable and ethical business practices. In a world where new business models, such as the shared economy of the Internet creates revolutions, it is becoming clear that what was possible yesterday is no longer the acceptable practice today. Being aware of that, GBSB Global Business School ensures that our students understand the importance of business ethics and sustainability through learning-by-doing, on campus projects, industrial visits, and other related activities.

Technological Approach & Excellence

Innovation is not imaginable without modern technologies which are changing the world drastically. Managers today with career aspirations in innovation need to understand the implication of modern technologies on business management. Technology is a significant and growing part of every manager’s daily experience and needs its own field of instruction. GBSB Global Business School is pioneering in this area of business education by providing a unmatched digital experience for our students, from innovative online classroom solutions to highly specialized technology courses. Being the first higher educational institution in Spain accredited by Microsoft, we rely on the competence of our partner in helping to advance the technological knowledge, skills, and proficiencies of our students.

Employability & Career Development

The meaning of educating people professionally involves helping them to advance in their careers and reach their full potential. At GBSB Global Business School, we believe that dreams of achieving success should become the reality for each of our students. Therefore, we help our students to understand their strengths, comprehend the challenges of today’s job market, and prepare to take the right career path. We collaborate with leading companies, attend industrial visits, and provide individual career counselling and networking opportunities. These are just a few things we do to increase the employability of our student.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

The crucial skills needed to promote innovation are related to entrepreneurship. Leadership is often related to entrepreneurship, whereas entrepreneurship is associated with innovation and economic growth. GBSB Global Business School improves students’ leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities by incorporating specially designated teaching methodologies focused on soft skills development into its curriculum. Classes that foster a spirit of creativity, motivation, competition, drive, crisis leadership, and innovative problem-solving are what one can expect to find at our school on a daily basis.

The evolution of our brand identity showcases GBSB Global Business School as a modern, driven and progressive innovative business school at the center of a connected and ever-evolving world.

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