GBSB Global Accepts Applications for Stress Release Space Project

Here at GBSB Global Business School we believe that students’ mental and emotional state, social life, and academic performance would be a lot more fulfilling if they could reduce their daily stress level. We believe that the Stress Release Space Project can be a viable solution for that.

Who We Need?

GBSB Global believes in doing real concepts with real people in real environments with real outcomes. In order to successfully launch the Stress Release Space Project, GBSB Global needs believers and doers: group of enthusiastic and dedicated students, who will run a beta test of the project, under Elena Emma's supervision. The Stress Release Space will be used as a basis for the final assignment before graduation. The students will be in charge of design, partial implementation, and monitoring of this project on a semester basis.

How Will It Work?

Step 1: A group of students will be selected and approved by the Academics Department;
Step 2: Assigned students will go through a Brainstorming and R&D stage;
Step 3: Assigned students will create and present several design proposals of the space for management approval;
Step 4: Assigned students (with administration support) will notify the whole student body and do an opening party with visual instructions on how to effectively use the space;
Step 5: Assigned students will take turns in monitoring the space and helping other students during the de-stress activities;
Step 6: Assigned students will record the results and utilize the findings to complete the final paper;
Step 7: Assigned students will finish a final paper about the project based on the experience and findings.

Image about Stress Brain Chaos

How Long Will The Project Run?

This stage of the project will run in Winter -Spring 2020. If it becomes a success within the student body, the Stress Release Space Project may become a permanent installation.

Where Will It Happen?

The open space downstairs under the staircase has been approved to be transformed into the Stress Release Space.

How Do You Apply?

Please, send an email with 3-5 reasons why you want to participate in this project and why you would be a good fit for the team to
DEADLINE to Apply: November 28th, 2019

Let's make a difference together!

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