GBSB Football Team Participated in Student Network Cup

GBSB students gathered at the Centre Esports La Guineuta this past Sunday March 26, 20017 to participate in the Student Network Cup, a football tournament bringing together local teams for good fun and friendly competition. The tournament was hosted by CeleBreak and was followed by an after party hosted by the Pacha Club.

Pedro, Salahi, Stephanie, Mathilde, Galina, Thierry, and Florian made up the team from Global Business School Barcelona and would face off against other teams of seven in a variety of matches throughout the late afternoon and evening. The play began at 14:00 and lasted until 21:00. In total, the other teams did score 40 goals against our GBSB team, but they were also much more prepared, having practiced and honed their skills over a course of time. The GBSB football team has only recently been formed, and this was their first official appearance.

One of the teams in fact had a member, a young woman, who had played for one of the first division teams in Spain. This demonstrates the caliber of teams GBSB was up against. But in all seriousness, it wasn’t about winning the title this past Sunday, rather it was about having fun. With this last week’s final exams behind them and their novice experience, their attendance was not about being competitive diehards, but about teamwork and comradery. Stefanie did display her experience on the field and scored two goals total in all the matches.

Other teams were lured to the jovial spirit GBSB processed, sharing in the Brazilian music and laughter they were so affectionately associated with.

This was the first of many games GBSB students will participate in. The school is very proud of the team’s efforts and supports their eagerness to continue to work to excel in future matches.

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  • GBSB’s newly formed football team takes to the field in new uniforms, representing the school and its diverse student body
  • GBSB may have been newly formed, but their team spirit was infectious
  • After last week’s final exams, students were excited to get out of the classroom and onto the field for some fun and friendly competition
  • gbsb football team in action
  • gbsb football team plays competition

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