Dean Speaks at the Technology-Mediated Education Conference

GBSB Global Business School’s Dean, Dr. Yelena Smirnova, was invited to be a keynote speaker at the International Conference “Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education Conference” held on 21-22 June 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education (PATME 2018) Conference 2018 was focused on bringing together individuals invested in the world of academia, businessmen and women and those who were interested in delving into the challenges faced by technology and education. This event was attended by professionals eager to share their experiences and ideas about education and learning in the realm of the technologically-enhanced society and globalized world of business.

GBSB Global’s Dr. Smirnova was invited to attend the 2018 conference and presented her research study “Transformation of Teaching and Learning in HEIs: Development of Digital Skills in Business Education.” In her study, Dr. Smirnova discussed her evaluation of how the advancements in the technology-mediated learning environment foster the development of students’ digital skills using the case study methodology. The example Dr. Smirnova used in this research study looked at the successful digital transformation experienced by GBSB Global Business School over the past few years.

An Abstract from Dr. Smirnova’s Study

"Transformation of Teaching and Learning in HEIs: Development of Digital Skills in Business Education"

In the era of globalization and new discoveries, technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. Rapid technological change does not only reshape economic and social demands, but it also shifts the educational paradigm. The aim of the study is to explore the evolution of teaching and learning in higher education institutions and evaluate how the advancements in technology-mediated learning enhance the development of students’ digital aptitude in business education. The methodology is designed around the case study analysis of a Spanish business school and the investigation of its approach to implementing a successful digital transformation. The findings suggest that the integration of information technologies into the education system cultivates the development of certain skills among students (including digital skills) and competencies which are further transformed into learning outcomes. The development of students’ digital skills is achieved through the deployment of three digital capabilities: the creation of a fully digitalized learning environment, the deployment of a digital e-learning platform in order for students to earn official certifications and the application of digital tools and platforms throughout the entire term of the programs offered. The study provides valuable recommendations both to business schools and faculty members on how to incorporate advanced, state-of-the-art technology into the education system in the classroom and at the institutional level.

The International Conference “Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education Conference” was a remarkable engagement and GBSB Global’s Dean, Dr. Smirnova, was pleased to share her experiences and findings from her work encouraging the advancements in the digital transformation of the 21st century into academia, with the intention to influence the way in which business and learning in general is taught.

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