Transfer Students and Student Exchange Programs

Transfer Students and Student Exchange Programs

GBSB Global Business School is an international European school with study programs in English located in Barcelona Spain. Our business school offers the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program, MBA and several Masters programs in Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and International Business Management.

GBSB Global Business School encourages international mobility and welcomes students who have transferred from various schools and universities as well as students participating in student exchange programs and visiting students. You can take part in student exchange programs or become a transfer student at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona for countless reasons:

  • To experience a different culture while studying in Barcelona, Spain
  • To obtain a degree from an international business school in Europe
  • To learn Spanish or improve existing foreign language skills
  • To benefit from a wide range of globally oriented courses
  • To meet new people from all over the world
  • To immerse yourself in a new environment
  • To get familiar with Europe and European cultures

Who is a Transfer Student?

A transfer student is any student who has attended another college or university in Spain or abroad, completed at least one semester at that institution and wishes to transfer to GBSB Global Business School in order to obtain a degree from our college.

Transfer students may submit the official university transcripts for review for possible credit at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Depending on the previous university studies completed our Admissions Office will define which courses at GBSB Global Barcelona Business School a transfer student has to complete in order to obtain a degree from our business school in Barcelona.

For admission requirements as a transfer student and application information please click here.

Who is an Exchange Student/ Visiting Student?

You are an exchange student / a visiting student if you want to take credit courses at GBSB Global Business School but are not seeking a degree.

Exchange students are those who participate in student exchange programs within an agreement established between GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and our partner universities around the world.

Visiting students are those who attend our business school either on a Letter of Permission from home university or those who take our courses independently for personal or professional reasons.

Any student who wishes to receive academic credit for work completed at our programs will receive an official transcript indicating the number of class hours and ECTS (academic credits) completed and an overall grade for performance. The appropriate administrator at the student’s home university must agree to his/her participation in the program at GBSB Global Business School prior arrival.

For admission requirements as an exchange student or a visiting student and application information please click here.

International studies in Barcelona: Why GBSB Global Business School?

Transfer students and exchange students will benefit from multiple educational options offered at GBSB Global Business School and from studying in the cosmopolitan Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

Study in English and learn a foreign language at the same time: At GBSB Global Business School students learn foreign languages as an integral part of their academic programs. Spanish, Russian, and Chinese language courses are offered every year.

Meet people from all over the world: Of particular benefit to students and their future employers is the strong international focus of our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. This comes not only from the global-conscious course offerings, but from interaction with fellow students. Students come not only from Barcelona, Spain or Europe, but from most regions of the world. 

Choose from a wide range of courses of your interest: GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses so that each transfer student or exchange student can study subjects of their interest. We offer unique courses in international business in different global regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and CIS, and Latin America.

Study at the most innovative Business School in Barcelona: GBSB Global Business School is a European educational institution which is praised for its innovative approach to business education and its curriculum which provides a global management perspective in every phase of our academic programs. Transfer students, visiting students, and students participating in student exchange programs will benefit from relevant business education which will be valuable everywhere in the world.

Get to know Barcelona and Europe: Every year more and more transfer students and exchange students choose Barcelona for their international studies and student exchange programs. This is not surprising because Barcelona located in Spain and at the cost of Mediterranean Sea is naturally gifted as being one of the most beautiful beach cities in Europe and around the world. However, Barcelona is also an important city in areas such as trade, commerce, finance and media which attracts foreign companies from all over the world and makes Barcelona an ideal place for international business studies. 

We know that transferring schools or going to study in an unknown country as part of the student exchange programs can be a difficult adjustment and we want to make the process as smooth as possible for you as a transfer student or an exchange student (visiting student). Contact our educational advisors who will assist you in all admission steps you have to follow including your accommodation in Barcelona and student visa procedures.