Enrolment to the G-Accelerator Program

The G-Accelerator is an innovative program that helps entrepreneurs who seek to launch an entrepreneurial endeavor. Whether the idea is in its infancy or has already received partial funding, GBSB Global invites individuals to apply to the program in order to get support services and guidance in seeing their dreams become a successful reality.

GBSB Global Business School G-Accelerator information

G-Accelerator is selective, relying on its panel of professionals from a wide variety of industries to determine those projects that are deemed the best fit for the program. GBSB Global works with an esteemed faculty and mentors from different business areas to provide entrepreneurs with the support necessary every step of the way, from idea formation and adaptation to supply chain and financial and legal negotiations.


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We are excited and hope you are too! If you have a pioneering idea brewing, we invite you to apply and take part in G-Accelerator. Together, we will take your venture to great heights.

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