General Terms & Conditions

1. AIM

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to regulate the relationship between the legal entities representing GBSB Global Business School contracted in each individual case by each student (hereinafter GBSB Global) and you (hereinafter the Student), in relation to registering for the courses offered by GBSB Global (hereinafter the Program) through the website, educational agency, or any other source.

2. Definitions and Interpretations

The Student – a physical person of legal age who is either interested in registering for one of GBSB Global’s Programs or who is already registered.

Admission – a limited time offer to the Student on behalf of GBSB Global to pursue a particular Program at GBSB Global after the Student provided all the necessary documents and met the admission criteria for that Program.

Registration – a formal act conducted by the Student, which consists of paying the Deposit according to the Payment Plan in order to officially book a place in the Program for which the Student received Admission to.

Program – the service provided by GBSB Global from the moment of Registration and covers the essential academic, administration and facility services defined by GBSB Global as needed for the Student to obtain the corresponding academic qualification, including the services provided before the Program Commencement Date. 

Commencement Date – the official Program start date for which the Student registered and on which the classes begin as defined by GBSB Global’s academic calendar.

Intake – several pre-specified Commencement Dates throughout the academic year for the same Program as defined by GBSB Global’s academic calendar.

Payment Plan – a document received by the Student at the moment of Admission which specifies the total Tuition Fee for the Program, the minimum Deposit acceptable in order to book a place in the Program, and the schedule of payments, including amounts due and deadlines.

Deposit – Tuition Fee which the Student pays to GBSB Global before the Program Commencement Date with the purpose of booking a place in the Program, regardless of whether the amount of the Deposit is equal to the total Tuition Fee required for the Program.

Tuition Fee – the agreed price of the Program during one specified academic year, which includes academic and non-academic services; this is understood as one unit and thus cannot be partially divided to cover services corresponding to different academic years, segregated, or estimated based on consumed or not consumed services.


Admission to one of the GBSB Global Programs is given after the Student submitted all the required documents and met the admission requirements for that designated Program. Admission does not guarantee a place in the Program. A place will be reserved upon paying a Deposit according to the Payment Plan provided.


Upon Admission, Program Registration should be done by paying the corresponding Deposit (which forms part of the total Tuition Fee) before the Program Commencement Date and before the deadline indicated in the Payment Plan. Only after the Deposit is received by GBSB Global, can the registration be confirmed and a place in the Program is guaranteed. 

GBSB Global starts providing the contracted service immediately after the Deposit is received which consists in administration work, document preparation, accommodation consultations, etc. The services related to the Program and provided before the Program Commencement Date are included in the Tuition Fee. 

The specific academic content of each Program related to elective subjects is regulated by the additional course registration form provided by the Academics Department and which the Student should sign during Orientation Week..


All information related to GBSB Global Programs, including the one for which you are registering, is available to the Student at the website or promotional materials available at GBSB Global is not responsible for any information provided by third parties such as educational agencies, non-official leaflets, or external websites. 

As part of GBSB Global’s continuous improvement of students’ academic experience and undergoing additional or alternative accreditation processes, GBSB Global reserves the right to make changes in the development, faculty, contact hours and content of the chosen Program without notifying registered Students. The changes will never be related to the annual total number of ECTS credits or the core nature of the Program. Should there be Students who do not agree with the changes, they will not be entitled to partial or a total refund of their Tuition Fee. 

GBSB Global may also cancel any Program depending on the school’s internal operations, in which case registered Students who have not started the Program yet will be offered an alternative Program without an extra charge or a full refund of the Tuition Fee paid will be granted.


The Tuition Fee for each Program is indicated on the website, exempt from VAT. 

For each individual case, possible reductions or scholarships should be identified as such on the Payment Plan, conveniently indicating the normal Tuition Fee and the Tuition Fee with the reduction or scholarship applied. 

The reductions and scholarships are subject at all times to the policies set forth by GBSB Global; in any case, they cannot be accumulated or appealed. The reductions are valid for one academic year. In cases where the Program’s structure compulsorily consists in several academic years, the Student will be required to pay the normal Tuition Fee without reductions (taking as a reference the one valid at the time of the first Registration for that Program) during the consecutive years of study unless otherwise agreed upon in advance with GBSB Global through the Payment Plan. 

Scholarships are subject to specific terms and conditions related to academic performance which the Student must accept before accepting the scholarship. 

The Student purchases the Program at the moment of paying the Deposit and commits to paying the total Tuition Fee of the Program from the moment the Deposit is paid to GBSB Global in accordance with the Payment Plan. In the case that the agreed upon Payment Plan is in instalments, the Student acknowledges from the said moment that he or she owes GBSB Global the total Tuition Fee of said Program, agreeing to pay it in instalments until paid in full, independent of whether the Student does not start the Program, drops or resigns from the Program.

The Payment Plan provided to the Student at the Registration stage cannot be renegotiated or modified after the Deposit was received by GBSB Global nor can the payment deadlines be amended. 

GBSB Global should receive the net total of the Tuition Fee; in the case that the Student's payment method generates any type of bank fee, discount, or any other cost, this should be paid by the Student in addition to the Tuition Fee. 

6.1. Payment Deadlines and Penalties

Payment of Tuition Fee must be made before the deadlines indicated in the Payment Plan. GBSB Global will not send reminders about deadlines; therefore, it is each Student’s responsibility to be aware of these deadlines.

Delays of more than five calendar days will result in a 5% penalty of the installment amount for the first 30 days of delay. Starting from day 31 of delay 5% penalty is applied cumulatively for each consequent month of delay. 

Additionally, starting from day 31 of delay, GBSB Global reserves a right to partially or totally block academic services, including access and use of the school facilities. The academic services will be restored after all debts are settled by the Student. GBSB Global is not responsible if due to these circumstances the Student’s academic performance or attendance rate was affected. No Tuition Fee previously paid will be refunded where the Student is dismissed from the Program under this section.

Under no circumstances will official transcripts and diplomas be released until the Program Tuition Fee is paid in full or if there is any outstanding debt for additional services.

6.2. Official Immigration Documents

In case of Non-EU Students, the documentation needed for obtaining the NIE (matricula) will not be provided until the Tuition Fee for the entire academic year for which the immigration documents are required has been paid in full.

6.3. Debt Recovery

In relation to overdue amounts, GBSB Global reserves the right to pass this matter to a debt recovery company without further notification to the Student. This means that the Student’s personal data will be passed to the debt recovery company for further action.

6.4. Reporting

GBSB Global may need to inform the appropriate authorities, including the Spanish Immigration Control Office, when the Student has been dismissed from a Program due to non-payment of the Tuition Fee. GBSB Global also reserves the right to report non-payment and delayed payment to credit-reporting agencies.

6.5. Refunds

GBSB Global shall only partially reimburse the amount paid by the Student (with exceptions listed below) if the Consulate or Embassy in the Student’s country of origin denies the Student visa after all necessary documentation has been submitted within the timeframe required by the official Consulate or Embassy to join the start of the Program as normal. In no other circumstances will the Tuition Fee paid be refunded after the Registration is complete.

GBSB Global cannot and will not be held responsible for any visa refusal based on reasons which are within the Student’s reasonable control such as those stated in the Article 39.5 of the Spanish Immigration Code, including: the Student failing to provide the necessary documents, failing to demonstrate adequate financial support, correct health and non-criminal certificate, translated documents, submitting an incomplete application, false representations being made, or forgery of documents. The Student is held responsible if the visa application was made late and sufficient time for visa processing was not allowed between the time of application for the Student visa and the Program Commencement Date. 

If the Student's visa application is refused due to fault attributable to the Student or if an application for a refund is submitted to GBSB Global later than 15 days prior to the Program Commencement Date regardless of the reasons for visa refusal, then there is no entitlement to a refund under this clause. 

If the Student's visa application has been refused (for circumstances other than those provided above) and the Student notified GBSB Global about these circumstances no later than 15 days prior to the Program Commencement Date, the Student can request a Tuition Fee refund in which case an administration fee of 1.500 Euros will be discounted from the received Deposit (plus any courier and transfer charges) on production of the following document: Official copy of visa refusal letter explaining the reasons of the visa refusal. This refund would only apply for the intake that student initially registered for, and for which visa documents were produced by GBSB Global (not any later intakes in case of intake postponement option). Should a student’s visa application be still under review (and not refused) or a student plans to submit an appeal to a visa refusal case, a student has an option to enroll in the next available Intake by paying an administrative fee of 500 Euros and notifying GBSB Global about such intake change no later than 15 days prior to the Program Commencement date.  In case a Student choses the option to postpone the intake, GBSB Global will not be re-issuing new visa documents nor consider any refunds even if the visa or visa appeal is refused at a later stage.

Should the student’s visa application be still under review at the time of the intake commencement date following the one which student originally registered for, GBSB Global will not consider any further intake postponements.

In case of the circumstances which are outside of the Student’s control (e.g. family or medical reasons) and which inhibit the Student from joining the Program on the Commencement Date for which they are registered, the Student can elect to postpone the Program under the clause 7.1. or join a similar online program (if available) but will not be refunded the Tuition Fee paid.

7. Program Postponement, PROGRAM Transfer, and Additional Services

7.1. Program Postponement

Should the Student need to change the Program Commencement Date for whatever circumstances, he or she can do so by requesting GBSB Global to change the Program Commencement Date for a later Intake. The conditions specified in the Payment Plan will be valid if the Student notifies GBSB Global no later than 45 calendar days before the Commencement Date for which they were initially registered; however, an additional fee of 500 Euros will be charged in the concept of administration costs. The fee of 500 Euros should be paid within ten calendar days from the date when GBSB Global confirmed to the Student the availability of a study place in the corresponding Intake. The Commencement Date will be officially changed only after GBSB Global receives this fee. The remaining Tuition Fee for the Program will need to be paid during the first week of the Intake for which the Program Postponement has been authorized. 

Should new immigration documents be needed as a result of Program Commencement Date change, these will be sent only after the Student returns to GBSB Global the original immigration documents which had been sent previously. The Student will assume the shipping costs for sending new immigration documents according to GBSB Global’s fee for this service. 

Each Student can change the Program Commencement Date only once within the period of no longer than one calendar year from the Commencement Date for which they were initially registered. The authorization of such change by GBSB Global is subject to place availability in a later Intake. 

Should the Student notify GBSB Global about the intention to change the Program Commencement Date later than 45 calendar days before the Commencement Date for which they are registered, such change will not be authorized and a new Registration will be needed, including payment of the corresponding Tuition Fee. No refund or transfer of the previously paid Tuition Fee will be made. 

An exception to this clause will be applied to Non-EU Students who submitted their visa application within reasonable time from the Program Commencement Date but whose visa is being delayed (but not refused) for more than two weeks from the Program Commencement Date. They will be authorized to start in the next available Intake without extra charges upon providing official proof of the visa delay. 

An exception to this clause will also be applied to those Students who cannot start the Program on the Commencement Date for which they are registered due to the circumstances which are outside of the Student’s control (e.g. family or medical reasons) and who notify GBSB Global later than 45 calendar days before their Commencement Date. In this case, the student may be authorized to start in a different Intake within one calendar year by paying the corresponding Intake change fee of 500 Euros and upon providing official proof of the circumstances inhibiting the Student to start their Program on time. An authorization to change the Intake under this section is at GBSB Global’s sole and absolute discretion.

7.2. Program Transfer

No Program transfers are allowed after the Registration is complete. Should the Student decide to enroll into a new Program, they will need to comply with all obligations associated with the Payment Plan for the Program for which they were initially registered, register for the new Program and pay the corresponding Tuition Fee for the new Program. Under no circumstances can the Tuition Fee paid for one Program be transferred to cover the Tuition Fee of another Program.

7.3. Additional Services

The Tuition Fee paid by the Student covers the number of ECTS credits required for the Program and all essential services needed for the Student to graduate from the Program, both academic and other services rendered, including basic administration, IT, and facility services. 

Nevertheless, during their studies, the Student may want to purchase additional services from GBSB Global. These can be related to administration (e.g. paperwork), facility (e.g. printing, copying), or academic (e.g. retake exams, optional educational trips, extra ECTS credits). The fees associated with most of these services are listed in the Student Service Catalog available to each Student. Some additional services require previous registration; if this registration had been completed by the Student, the associated fee for that service must be satisfied regardless of whether the service was or was not utilized. 

In relation to the delay of payment for additional services purchased by the Student, the same penalty will be applied as the one specified in the clause 6.1..

8. Student Liability

The Student is required to lawfully use the services, without contradicting current legislation or injuring the rights or interests of third parties. 

The Student agrees to provide GBSB Global with the required documentation to carry out the registration for the selected Program and provide the requested personal, academic and professional information. 

Likewise, during the admission process the Student should present electronically the various academic degrees with translations and an apostille for those degrees that have been awarded abroad, and original copies of those within the first week from the Program Commencement Date. GBSB Global reserves the right not to award the degree for the corresponding Program if the requested documentation is not provided correctly. To avoid causing damage to GBSB Global as a result of inaccuracy, the Student guarantees the truth and accuracy of the information provided during the admission process.

The Student will be provided with a password to use GBSB Global Intranet and the Online Classroom as well as a personalized identification card to access the GBSB Global Campus. The passwords and the card are personal and non-transferable; This mans the Student is the only one responsible for the consequences resulting from improper use, the loss or sharing of the password or the card. 

The Student agrees to comply with GBSB Global’s Academic Policies and the Code of Conduct and strictly follow them. Should the Student violate the norms outlined in the Academic Policies or the Code of Conduct, he or she will be issued a warning, after which, if violation of norms continues, the Student will be dismissed from the Program. No Tuition Fee previously paid will be refunded when the Student is dismissed from the Program under these circumstances.

Attendance is obligatory for classroom Programs and under no circumstances (except well documented medical reasons) should the Student miss more than 20% of classes. 

Upon completion of the program requirements, including the presentation and defense of the final project delivered at a specified time but no later than three months after the finalization of classes, the Student will be awarded GBSB Global’s specific degree for the corresponding program. In cases where the Program is delivered in collaboration with another private or public University, the Student will also be awarded a University-specific degree from the partner University (if this is applicable for the Student’s particular program). GBSB Global’s degrees are diplomas aimed at creating professionals sought after by the most innovative companies and organizations; because of their professional nature this type of qualifications may not give access to some other (e.g. research-oriented) types of further studies or regulated professions such as medical, law, engineering, architecture (this varies from country to country and depends on the specific requirements in each country). When required and in order to prove the authenticity of the diploma received, the student may opt for supplementing his/her diploma with an apostille of the Hauge, an international certification through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. Such supplement is provided at extra cost. 

The Student shall refrain from any misrepresentation which may cause detriment to the reputation and good name of GBSB Global and its students.

Not paying any amount of the Tuition Fee of the registered Program, the cost of additional services purchased by the Student, compensation for damage caused by the Student to the school’s property (including books borrowed from the library but not returned) allows GBSB Global to withhold all certificates or degrees, and could result in a claim for the corresponding amount. After notifying the Student, he or she may be automatically dismissed from the program, in addition to being denied from the use of all services available to the Student or Ex-Student. 

9. Personal Information and Advertising

In accordance with the established regulations, the Student is informed that the personal information that he or she provides will be stored in a file owned by GBSB Global to manage the registration of the corresponding Program, as well as for the promotion of GBSB Global’s products and services, for which the Student gives his or her consent for the treatment of said information for the indicated purposes.

The personal data that we collect from you may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"). It may also be processed by staff operating inside or outside the EEA who work for us or for one of our suppliers or partner institutions. By submitting your information, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy statement.

Likewise, the Student authorizes GBSB Global to send advertising through any form, including electronic means, about its products and/or services, this also includes the period after the contractual relationship has come to an end. The Student may revoke his or her consent for the sending of advertising through electronic means at any moment, by sending a letter to GBSB Global.

The Student may exercise his or her rights of access, cancellation, rectification, opposition and revocation of consent granted through a registered mail letter addressed to GBSB Global Business School.

Refusing to comply with any of the General Terms and Conditions could result in the withdrawal or cancellation of Services on behalf of GBSB Global without prior notice to the Student and without any right to compensation. The anticipated dissolution of the contract and the withdrawal on behalf of the Student in the Program does not exempt the Student from fulfilling his or her payment obligations specified in the Payment Plan and satisfying the payment of Tuition Fee in full.

10. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The Student must accept these General Terms and Conditions at the moment of submitting documentation needed for admission to GBSB Global. If for some reason it has not been done, it is considered that the Student accepts these current Terms and Conditions by default at the moment of registering for the Program and paying the corresponding Deposit, which automatically means expressing complete compliance with each and every one of these Terms and Conditions; any new conditions that could later appear in the clauses of the General Terms and Conditions are not applicable.  

Once the Deposit is paid, the Student acquires the status as a Student in one of the GBSB Global Programs in accordance with the clauses of the General Terms and Conditions. Any Program pursued by the Student later at GBSB Global will fall under a new contract. 


The current General Terms and Conditions will be effective throughout the Program for which the Student registered. 

GBSB Global may dissolve any contract due to incompliance on behalf of the Student in any of the obligations established in the current General Terms and Conditions. . 


The rights to the company and intellectual property rights on projects, brands, logos or any other item that falls under the protection and contents of the GBSB Global webpage belong exclusively to GBSB Global, except those specified under different ownership. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, selling or changing of said projects, brands, logos, etc. constitutes an infraction of GBSB Global company and intellectual property laws or those of the owner aforementioned. This infraction could result in the exercising of as many judicial or extrajudicial actions necessary to exercise GBSB Global’s property rights. 

Likewise, the information the Student can access through the website should be protected by the company, intellectual or other rights.  GBSB Global is not responsible in any case or under any circumstances for infractions of said rights that the Student could commit as a user. 


This contract and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with the law of the country where the legal entity representing GBSB Global contracted by the student in each individual case is located.

GBSB Global and the Student irrevocably agree that the courts of the country where the legal entity representing GBSB Global contracted by the student in each individual case is located shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this contract or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).