GBSB Global Amongst Top Business Schools in the World 2021

GBSB Global Business School is proud to announce that after a thorough analysis of various performance metrics, the school’s Master of Science and Master of Business Administration programs have been ranked amongst the best worldwide. Having independent data from current students and recent alumni collected, the QS Business Masters 2021 Rankings cover over 600+ master programs around the globe and provide a detailed snapshot on the top-notch business institutions in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

This year, the following GBSB Global Business School’s programs have been evaluated by QS:

Each program has been weighted and studied across five main indicators, such as Employability, Value for Money, Thought Leadership, Alumni Outcomes, and Class & Faculty Diversity.

How did GBSB Global Programs Stack out?

Master of Science in Communication & Future Marketing

The Master of Science in Communication & Future Marketing program scored high in the latest QS indicator, Class & Faculty Diversity. On average, from 21 selected countries in this category, this MSc program at GBSB Global has performed amongst the top 16.1% globally, scoring 86.8 out of 100. It has also scored 89.2 out of 100 in the Employability indicator and 98.9 out of 100 in Alumni Outcomes, making this reputable program rank as the 51st in the world.

Master of Science in Finance

Over 166 MSc in Finance programs around the world were considered in this year’s edition, covering 32+ countries, and collecting statistical data from 37,904+ employers and 34, 971+ academics. The Master of Science in Finance program at GBSB Global Business School scored high in Employability and Value for Money indicators hitting a 98.8% benchmark globally. It also performed amongst the top 98.2% for Alumni Outcomes – the MSc in Finance graduates at GBSB Global find employment in Fortune 500 companies and increase their yearly income within the 3 months upon graduation. Download the full GBSB Global Employment Report 2020 here.

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Master of Science in International Business Management

The Master of Science in International Business Management program at GBSB Global Business School hit 99.3% mark globally in the Thought Leadership indicator. The QS committee had received 361,622 nominations and interviewed over 34,917 academics to conduct research and analyze the academic reputation of the MSc in International Business Management programs and global business schools themselves. The Thought Leadership indicator is based in the overall academic reputation, global research impact made by the school and the amount of faculty members who hold a PhD degree. Not only did the MSc in International Business Management Program at GBSB Global score high in Thought Leadership, but also performed amongst the top 95.3% and top 98.0% in Employability and Alumni Oucomes indicators, respectively.

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The QS Business Masters 2021 Rankings considered a limited number of MSc in Supply Chain Management. Only 46 programs in 15 countries passed the exclusions, the MSc at GBSB Global among them. This program scored high in Class & Faculty Diversity, and Valuer for Money indicators – at GBSB Global we value diversity and individual approach to education; with more than 85 nationalities in the student body and small classroom size, our students get to exchange ideas in a multicultural environment while having personalized assistance from staff and faculty members. The MSc in Supply Chain Management program at GBSB Global was also ranked within the top 100% globally in Thought Leadership indicator.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The 2021 Global MBA Rankings included 258 MBA programs spread across 40 countries. The MBA program at GBSB Global Business School performed amongst the top 78% globally, once again scoring above average in Class & Faculty Diversity and, more importantly, in Employment and Return on Investment indicators. Overall, performing amongst the top 89.5/100 globally, the Master of Business Administration at GBSB Global also scored in top 94.3% in Europe, providing quality education with advanced teaching methodologies.

GBSB Global Business School is honored to be included in the prestigious list of top schools worldwide. This demonstrates our commitment to providing top-notch business education, striving for excellence, and nurturing global-minded future business leaders. Visit the official QS Rankings and make sure to see other GBSB Global’s International Accreditations & Rankings.

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