Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain

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9 months

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Afternoons & Evenings

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Learn about the world of tourism and hospitality management in one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, Spain! Industry experts from around the globe teach students about leadership, sustainability and globalization in relation to food and beverage, tourism, customer service and sales. In an industry where job employment is steady, there is a high demand for quality professionals.


GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain has earned numerous accolades for offering an upstanding education that is distinguishing. Ranked among the best schools to study Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain, GBSB Global draws students from around the world, adding a phenomenal layer of diversity to its novel program.

Master in Tourism in Spain ECBE Accredited

MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management is Accredited by the European Council of Business Education

master in Tourism in Spain Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Internationalization and Diversity

Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Internationalization and Diversity by QS Ranking System

master Tourism member of World Tourism Organization

Affiliate Members of The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

master of Tourism access to HOSCO job portal

Access to HOSCO, a leading job portal in tourism & hospitality industry


Our Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain takes a practical approach to learning and helps students acquire not only the skills but the experience in some of the world’s top companies. GBSB Global is invested in our students’ success and assists candidates pursuing internships during their studies. Our evening classes allow students the flexibility to balance their professional ambitions with their studies.

Understand the Challenges the Tourism & Hospitality Industry Faces in the 21st Century and How to Manage Tourism & Hospitality Businesses


  • International Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Event Management in Tourism

(Learning-by-doing: the students will be required to organize a real conference in tourism & hospitality)


(Meetings with Managers)*

Approach Customers from Around the World by Learning Digital Marketing Tools and Manage New and Existing Projects in Tourism & Hospitality



  • Financial Strategies for Business Development
  • Entrepreneurial Project Management

Learn How to Design the Most Innovative Services in Tourism & Hospitality and How to Conduct Operations with Success


(The course is based on visits to tourism & hospitality companies)


(Meetings with Managers)*


(Meetings with Managers & Company Visit)*

Become a Leader & a Global Manager


  • Communication, Time Management & Leadership
  • Ethics & Responsibility


A practical group project in which the students perform an organizational analysis or audit, a case study or original research on a specific topic of interest.

* Meetings with managers involve guest speaker lectures on campus as well as practical visits to companies; the number of such meetings may vary.


At GBSB Global we take an agile approach to our academic practices. Students are engaged in their own learning and take a hands-on practical approach to the curriculum. Our specially designed classes offer different modalities of learning from design thinking and the use of case studies to integrating sketching workshops and multi-media visuals into our professor’s lectures, helping the students resonate with the coursework. Our professors bring a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom, and this is one of the most notable aspects our graduates remember. Learning from industry experts who not only provide wisdom and insight into the tourism and hospitality field, but they also offer mentorship and resources other schools cannot afford.

Company Visits

Throughout the Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management program students will participate in numerous site visits to companies from local tourism agencies to renown five-star hotels. Recent visits have taken students to the Majestic Hotel and Spa in Barcelona, known as the symbol of five-star excellence. Located on the regal Paseo de Gracia, students got to experience timeless charm in an elegant and traditional setting. Other visits have taken students to City Travel Visit, Hotel Andante, Green Vita Restaurant, Freixenet,, and the H10 Art Gallery, among many other examples.

Image about GBSB Global visit Majestic Hotel in Barcelona
Image about GBSB Global visit City Travel in Madrid
Image about GBSB Global visit Hotel Andante

Business games & simulations

GBSB Global’s Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain integrates business games and real-life simulations into its program. For example, our widely popular Lego Serious Play workshops invites students to take an unconventional or innovative approach to business development, marketing, customer service and product construction. Legos are used to conceptualize products and/or services offered in the real world. It is a practical, hands-on approach to business development where students are asked to analyze our current everyday problems, find solutions to meet the demand and present these findings creatively with Lego blocks. This is only one of many examples where students are asked to think outside the box, to foster a new approach to business and the world of hospitality and tourism.

Image about Lego game
Image about Career Session
Image about Sketching


A momentous part of the Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain is the conference students orchestrate as a capstone to their learning. Focusing on themes like sustainability and globalization, students coordinate a formal event from ground zero and make all the planning and arrangements, from the site and catering to the speakers and marketing. Students in the past have successfully staged workshops, demonstrations and hands-on tutorials to engage the audience and further emphasize their messaging. These gastro meetings are meant to ready students for the event and conference services they may be responsible for in the industry. These highly attended events are of additional value to graduates who can use this experience on their CV and tell future employers about their capabilities.


For the sixth year consecutive year, Spain has set a new record for foreign tourism numbers. Last year, there were 82.8 million international visitors, a 1.1% rise from 2017, according to new figures released by the National Statistics Institute (INE). Despite the emergence of competing destinations like Turkey, Tunisia and Greece, and some adverse weather in Europe, there was a surge in arrivals in the last quarter of 2018, particularly around the holidays in December. Amazingly, figures show that tourist purchases increased at an even faster pace, for a total spending of nearly €89.9 billion, representing a 3.3% growth from 2017. Tourism is the soundest industry in Spain and has helped to sustain rapid expansion of the country’s economy. Through education and employment, GDP and foreign exchange, and the import and export sectors, it can be affirmed that tourism is paramount to Spain's economy and one it can be proud of. With the ever-increasing numbers, there is a high demand for skilled employee. From transportation and tours to accommodation and the food and beverage sector, Spain is constantly recruiting talent to fill important roles to keep its wheels turning.

Graduates are highly competitive and are quickly employed by celebrated names in the Tourism and Hospitality Management industry:
Tourism management in Spain employment at Booking
master Tourism in Spain employment at Ginebra company
master tourism and hospitality in Spain employment company the Serras
master in tourism in Spain employment at British airways
master of tourism in Spain employment at Hosco
master of tourism and hospitality management in Spain employment at Glovo


During his studies, Volkan Ozturk worked at the W Hotel as a trainee in the food and beverage department. He decided to study in Spain because he loved the city and he knew Barcelona was categorized as one of the major centers for tourism in Europe. At first, he was worried about finding an internship, but with the help of GBSB Global, the school provided Volkan with an internship contract agreement with one of the five-star hotels in Barcelona and it was great.

The school’s leadership class Volkan recalls fondly as being one of the greatest classes he has ever taken in his life. It prepared him for the challenges he would come to face in the real world. The company visits to popular hotels and locally known, renown restaurants were also impactful.

With the internship, as a non-EU student, GBSB Global offered help finding sponsorship. This assistance made all the difference and afforded him new opportunities that might have been unobtainable without the school’s support.

To be qualified for admission to Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Spain, you must:
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Have earned a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher;
be in the process of finalizing your Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent),
or demonstrate a high level of relevant professional experience

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Have a high level of English language

master Tourism fees image 3

Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

Enrolment Fee (Paid upon Admission)

200 EUR

Annual Administrative Fee

950 EUR

Tuition Fee for the Program (60 ECTS credits)

6,750 EUR

Tuition Fee per Quarter (20 ECTS credits)

2,633 EUR

Tuition Fee per Academic Credit (1 ECTS credit)

132 EUR

(Visiting students)

Payment Conditions:

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (EU Students)

2,633 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance

Minimum Advanced Tuition Payment (Non-EU Students)

4,950 EUR

Due at the time of program acceptance and a requirement to send visa documents

The remaining Tuition Fees are due the first Friday (Week 1) of the program

Master´s Program Duration: 3 Quarters = 1 Academic Year

A discount may be applied if the student choses to pay
the full amount at the time of program acceptance.

If payments are not paid by the deadlines, a penalty fee is applied as per Terms and Conditions.
Payments are accepted online or by bank transfers (commission charges may apply).
Program fees do not include accommodation, flights, insurance or program materials.
Students who wish to participate in Global Study Trips may do so by paying additional fees.



nonna melikyan


Alumna 2016

"We studied a lot about globalization, but here at GBSB Global, and in Barcelona, we got to experience it firsthand. We were not only integrated into various cultures, we were actually a part of globalization."

akua afriyie gyiman


Alumna 2017

"Barcelona is a tourist center with various cultures and different types of people. I loved the diversity and being in the middle of it all."

awad hamed s alolyani


Alumnus 2017

"I worked as a Front Office Supervisor and Manager-on-Duty for the W Hotel and the Swiss Hotel. When it comes to hospitality and tourism, I think this is the best school. My dream is to manage my father’s hotel and the program has prepared me to take on that responsibility."

niklas li


Alumnus 2017

"I noticed when I was researching schools that Barcelona is a center for tourism in the world and I wanted to be at the heart of it all."

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