GBSB Global Welcomes New Students on Campus 2018

Every new intake welcomes a new wave of students from around the world to GBSB Global. Our spring orientation marked the first term students will walk through the doors and take courses at our newly opened campus in Madrid. This is an exciting time for our business school as we expand our offerings to Spain’s capital, a center for the arts and culture, boasting a thriving entrepreneurial scene and presenting students and graduates a wealth of career opportunities and potential working for some of the biggest names in tech and finance.

The new students that joined our student body represent every region of the world and hail from Belgium, Brazil, Dominica, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Panama, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States and Venezuela.

While over a quarter of new arrivals have chosen to pursue a master’s degree in communications, other students have chosen these fields, innovation, fashion and luxury business management, hospitality and tourism management, MBA, digital business and finance. Following trends in business, we can see that careers in business innovation are more popular than ever before. This is a reflection of modern industrialization. The world of business has shifted into overdrive, changing at the pace of technology, and it is believed that a fourth industrial revolution is inevitable, if not already started. Companies today are hiring specialists able to employ automatization into different segments of business and/or generate disruptive products for the market. Students enrolling in the Master of Business Innovation program in our next intake can take advantage of an added benefit and earn a dual degree with the University of Vic, a highly esteemed institution in the Catalonia region.

GBSB Global epitomizes what it means to be diverse. With over 80+ nationalities represented by our student body as a whole, there is no better way to embrace this unique academic environment than through cross-cultural communication, which encourages global thinking. On campus there are no barriers in communication as English is the common language uniting us all. Students find their professors and peers to be one of their most valuable assets not only during their studies but upon graduation, allowing them to freely network with ease on the international stage.

This internationalism is the foundation of our institution. Our students come from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. This highly cosmopolitan, multilingual, multicultural body of students fosters a dynamic educational environment that bolsters creativity and interconnectedness. Our degree programs capitalize on the depth and variety of the linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds our students possess. We whole-heartedly believe that the future success of business in today’s globalized economy is most effectively achieved by breaking down boundaries and fostering fruitful interactions between students from a wide variety of countries from around the world. As one of the premier business schools in Spain offering degrees solely taught in English, GBSB Global Business School located in Barcelona and Madrid is a bridge connecting people and redefining business.

Students who enroll in our next term can reap the same benefits as those that joined our ranks in April. Be a part of something greater, an institution that thrives on diversity and embraces collaboration as a part of business success. Graduate with an education that is redefining business and shaping the future leadership of tomorrow. Learn more by contacting one of our academic advisors today!

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