GBSB Global: The First Microsoft Showcase School in Spain

What Makes GBSB Global Business School a Microsoft Showcase School?

GBSB Global Business School is at the forefront of technological enhancements taken in the Barcelona and Madrid areas. By becoming an early adopter of the improved technology surrounding Windows based software and hardware, GBSB Global is paving the way for future business leaders of the world by becoming the first business school to receive the Microsoft Showcase School accreditation.

Microsoft Showcase Schools are premier, global community schools that are engaged in the digital transformation as well as improvements to teaching and learning.

GBSB Global Business School has created a school-wide approach to innovative learning. By creating a technologically advanced environment where students can mitigate their own achievements and make learning more exciting, GBSB Global is successfully transforming and improving the efficiency of the staff and students. By combining state-of-the-art technology with integrated productivity tools such as MS Stream, Skype, MS Office, MS Planner, and MS OneNote into Office 365 Education, students will learn a unique, yet valuable, approach to continued education from the professors utilizing these tools.

How Did GBSB Global Become a Microsoft Showcase School?

After receiving its Microsoft School accreditation in January 2017, GBSB Global strategized and implemented monumental changes over the next few months in order to become a premier showcase school. In August 2017, GBSB Global Business School became the first business school in Spain to be an accredited MS Showcase School.

GBSB Global has made great strides in advancing not only the experiences of its students, but its employees as well. Office 365 is now being utilized by all faculty, staff, and students on both the Madrid and Barcelona campuses.

Student platforms have been updated with the latest Microsoft Showcase School offerings to include: MS Teams, Win 10 Education, MS Stream, Skype, MS Office, MS Planner, and MS OneNote.

The Barcelona campus and classrooms of GBSB Global have received an electronic make over in support of its premier status. State-of-the-art digital white boards have been installed in each of the classrooms to promote the use of shared media content adjacent to professor created material. Installed at the main entrance is a 123-inch video wall that will enhance internal communication, create brand awareness, and ensure that current students and employees are well informed.

How Can Students Take Advantage of Attending an Official Microsoft Showcase School?

In addition to the upgrades that GBSB Global Business School has made to improve its attract-ability and competitive edge by joining the Microsoft Showcase School premier list, it has also included the option for students to improve themselves. A commitment to personalized learning includes providing technological solutions that empower all students. In several of the current programs of study, MS Office modular certifications are offered as compulsory courses.

Currently, there are 3 levels of Microsoft certifications available for students.

  1. MS Office Specialist | This accreditation supports a standard of knowledge that demonstrates individual competencies in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 tools.
  2. MS Office Specialist Expert | Certified individuals have advanced competencies in Microsoft Office Word and Excel tools. In the Microsoft Office 2013 version, each of the specialties consist of two exams.
  3. MS Office Specialist Master | This recognition is the highest award offered to experts able to perform the functions in all of the entire suite of Microsoft Office functions.

GBSB Global Business School continues to strive for excellence. During the new academic year, GBSB Global will begin using MS Teams. This will aid in the January 2018 launch of its on line degree courses, made possible by MS 365.
This Microsoft Showcase School platform will create an inclusive, high-tech academic experience that will not only stimulate advanced learning and development, but will also motivate students to achieve greatness. GBSB Global is the first and only business school in Spain that has obtained this accreditation

Get to know more about Microsoft tools while earning a degree in one of the most innovative learning environments in Barcelona and Madrid. Should you have an interest into any of the programs listed above, be sure to check out the official website of GBSB Global Business School for the degrees of study.

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