Our Conferences at GBSB Global are Going to be Big!

GBSB Global Business School is excited to share their line up of student-organized conferences hosted by Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management and Master in Fashion and Luxury Business Management students on both our Barcelona and Madrid campuses. Can you imagine it? This year our students are hosting four professional conferences, B.I.T. of Fashion Conference in Barcelona, B.I.T. of Fashion Conference in Madrid, Tourism Conference in Barcelona and Tourism Conference in Madrid!

Mark your calendars, and let’s explore what exciting events the students have in store.

13 March 2019, 18.30
Tourism Conference in Madrid
FoodLab, Foodlab Calle de Juan de Herrera 3

The World Travel Gastro Meeting hosted by Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management students in Madrid invite friends and fellow students to explore the fascinating relationship between travel and food. This one-day event will welcome esteemed guest speakers and present cooking demonstrations, along with offering a cooking contest where students are welcome to bring dishes made from home to be judged and a prize of 100 euros awarded to the most outstanding chef or participant.

The main speakers to be featured at the event are Dale Lewis with Devour Madrid, a food tour company famous for his pastries, Professor Bibi, our English Teacher who is trilingual, Ignacio De la Torriente, restaurant and enotourism managing director, and Professor Osborne, a lecturer at GBSB Global.

22 March 2019, 19:00
Tourism Conference in Barcelona
Transforma BCN, Carrer del Consell de Cent, 394, Barcelona

GBSB Global Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management students are excited to showcase Barcelona as a SUSTAINABLE tourism destination. Their mission is to increase the awareness regarding sustainability as it relates to the travel and hospitality industry. The event will highlight sustainable practices currently being carried out in Barcelona encouraging tourism businesses and tourists to transform the city into a green destination.

The event will be hosted off-campus at a local coworking space upholding a philosophy based on sustainability called Transforma BCN

22 March 2019, 15:00 - 20:00
B.I.T. of Fashion Conference in Madrid
GBSB Global Business School Campus in Madrid

Our students welcome industry professionals, professors, artists and the general public to attend the first annual B.I.T of Fashion Conference in Madrid, the sister conference to the highly acclaimed two-day spectacle that has been held in Barcelona the past four years. This year will mark the fifth annual conference of its kind.

The main speakers of the event are as listed.

  • Javier Lorenzo Calvo, co-founder of We Don't Kill Animals brand
  • Pedro Diezma, founder of Aquilae, artificial intelligence and wearable technology expert
  • Alex Henkes, fashion designer and creator of "A Hug Collection"
  • Federica Ilaria Fornaciari, digital and innovation expert in the luxury industry

The main topics and workshops will be presented by these special guests.

  • Aurora Rumi, image illustrator
  • Polina and Alex, photographers of Madrid City Life

Keep up to date on the latest information, and don’t forget to register to attend on Eventbrite

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bit.madrid.984
Facebook event:www.facebook.com/events/2008411769271862

The Master in Fashion and Luxury Business Management students at GBSB Global Business School in Madrid are regularly posting relevant information about the B.I.T. of Fashion in Madrid on the social media platforms which include trendy news related to the fashion and luxury industries, announcements of speakers and workshops.

04 April 2019, 18.00 – 22.00
B.I.T. of Fashion Conference in Barcelona
TSH Campus Marina, Carrer de Marina 22

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is delighted to host its fifth annual B.I.T. of Fashion Conference, casting a spotlight on business, innovation and trends paving the way in the constantly evolving industry.The B.I.T. of Fashion Conference is a yearly event completely manager by the GBSB Global Master of Fashion and Luxury Business Management students.

The event is one of the major highlights of the program and is the capstone project providing students with a very distinct opportunity to coordinate a full-scale, professional event that requires dedicated attention and hands-on involvement. The B.I.T. of Fashion Conference readys students for the real world, providing them with experience in marketing, catering, budgeting and the direct management of the event.

GBSB Global could not be more proud of its students, faculty and staff for organizing these four conferences. Through the sharing of knowledge, providing mentorship and firsthand experience, students will be ready to enter the workforce with the aptitude to meet the demands of the market and exceed their future employers expectations. GBSB Global graduates are highly sought after and competitive, equipped with the skills and know-how to lead teams and catapult their careers to the next level.

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