Career Services: How to Win a Successful Job Interview

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression," an all too accurate catch phrase used in advertising, is also very relevant in a competitive job market. How do you put your best foot forward and land the job of your dreams? Ani Khachatryan, GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Academics and Student Affairs representative presented an introduction to students on how to make a positive impact in an interview on November 17th, 2016 on the GBSB campus.

In addition to making a positive impact on a potential employer, Ani covered how to perform an effective job search, what to say in a job interview, how to act, and what questions to ask. A thorough overview was given from what body language works to common pitfalls that should be detoured. Ani shared her own personal life experiences with GBSB students, motivating them that, with the right amount of determination, anything is possible. Even in a struggling economy, where salaries vary greatly from country to country, students can get the specialized experience they need to set a strong foundation in which to build their future careers.

Reviewing Barcelona’s current job market, Ani discussed potential internship opportunities and industries that have the most prospects for full- and part-time positions. Ani didn’t sugar coat expectations. Salaries, time commitments and language were all topics covered during the question and answer session. Students who attended left with a greater knowledge of what sort of dedication would be necessary on their part to achieve their immediate internship/job-related goals and how this special moment in their lives will help shape their professional lives.

Current students can contact GBSB Global Business School Career Services for further assistance.

Career Services from academics and student affairs representatives

Career Services interview at GBSB in november 17th 2016

By Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager


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