ACCA Announces its Collaboration with GBSB Global Business School in Madrid

A year ago we signed a collaboration with ACCA and became the first computer based examination (CBE) center in Barcelona for levels F1-F4. Last week we signed an additional agreement and expand our collaboration to Madrid. So, from this week we are officially ACCA CBE center in Madrid. GBSB Global offers courses to prepare students who seek to obtain the ACCA diploma. In addition to this important announcement, ACCA will also be collaborating with the business school on many other programs, making it possible for students at GBSB Global to have this international recognition with this world recognized professional body for accountants and other financial business professionals.

What is ACCA, and how does it work?

ACCA is a global body that provides support and training through a series of professional certifications for those individuals that want to have a successful career in the finance and accounting sector.

There are fourteen qualifying certifications that ACCA offers students who would like this recognition, nine standard fundamental papers and five professional papers. GBSB Global Business School offers its students all the materials and resources available to prepare for the examination. Being able to include an ACCA accreditation on your CV is a high honor and will have a significantly positive impact on student’s employment prospects and their financial profession.

How many student applications does ACCA receive every year?

There are already a half a million students currently registered through ACCA, and another 50,000 to 80,000 are registering to become certified every year.

How many schools in Spain will have this agreement with ACCA in Spain?

Only 180 students are presently working toward their financial certification in Spain, but this number will increase based upon ACCA’s efforts to carefully select institutions and universities like GBSB Global to become ACCA partners. GBSB Global Business School Barcelona is one of three fully accredited schools in Spain and the first and only school in Spain to become an official computer based examination center.

What are the benefits ACCA offers students?

  • 1. Reputation | Organizations know and trust ACCA’s designation. They are out there every day, connecting with businesses large and small, governments, educational establishments, and opinion formers. ACCA is on top of emerging trends, legislation, and legal requirements, helping to shape them.
  • 2. Recognition | ACCA’s mission is to be a global leader and has a set of values that give them a distinguishing character, that is defined by their approach to the global financial profession.
  • 3. Knowledge | Employers are looking for individuals that meet a standard benchmark and ACCA provides this assurance that students and business professionals who pass their exams have met their criteria. ACCA works closely with employers around the world to take into account their specific expectations and adapt the ACCA qualifications to meet their demand.
    Students are expected to complete the essential core competencies in professionalism and ethics, stakeholder relationship management, strategy and innovation, governance risk and control, and leadership and management. Students then have the opportunity to select four technical qualifications from a list of fifteen proficiencies.
  • 4. International Employability | ACCA members are highly trained and are regulated throughout their career. With over 8,500 employers around the world, ACCA’s network of partners are leading companies across a whole gamut of industry sectors providing thousands of job opportunities to its members.
    ACCA has a world-class global reputation with employers which can help increase students’ earning potential, improve their career opportunities, and offers international mobility.

Why join ACCA?

ACCA students have access to:

  • Exclusive events such as Advantage Careers Fair
  • Job and internship opportunities
  • Competitions with prizes including travel vouchers
  • Specialist networking advice
  • CV workshops and professional profile guidance
  • Insightful webinars and online tools

GBSB Global students also have cost-saving incentives for enrolling:

  • No subscription fees until 2018, £95 per year saving thereafter
  • Join for £0 instead of £89
  • Benefits paid for by GBSB Global Business School worth – 240 euros
  • Students will also save in the long run if they are intending to join the ACCA after graduating

Interested in registering? Check out the ACCA application page at

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