Welcome Week October 2016: GBSB Global Business School

The new academic term has just started at GBSB Global Business School and both the staff and the student body are excited to get classes underway. Over two days in the first week of classes, new students were welcomed through the doors and introduced formally to the school for the first time.

As a global education institution, we value diversity. With 60+ nationalities represented, our student body embraces this value. In all of our activities, as an academic institution, GBSB Global Business School incorporates these five pillars as a standard practice.

  1. We are globally focused.
  2. We emphasize ethics & sustainability in business.
  3. We are highly competitive and instill a drive and assertiveness in our students.
  4. We are a modern business school.
  5. We take a personalized approach to our students’ learning and future career success.

Global Business School Barcelona students debate a controversial subject titled: Digital Marketing and Personal Data Selling

Later, during a break in the garden where drinks and snacks were served, the students were able to mix and mingle, getting to know one another and building new relationships. To further foster this new comradery, students were invited to take part in an ice breaker exercise in the afternoon. Gathering in Parc Ciutadella, members of the academic department orchestrated a hot debate over a trending topic causing controversy today. The debated was titled, "Digital Marketing and Personal Data Selling." The main argument was based on the fact that individuals knowingly advertise their private lives all over the internet from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn. It is a choice to get involved and participate on these platforms. So who is actually is at fault, the businesses capitalizing on this information or the users making this information available to the naked eye?

Among the four hypothetical groups represented by students, Facebook, Google, Big Businesses and the User, who won the debate?? Big Business! One of the main reasons the trophy went to hungry corporations was that their argument was the best presented. A thorough analysis of data selling was given and the result was that audiences opt-in, signing up, knowing full well that Facebook, Google and other media platforms collect personal information. These analytics are used to create a better user experience, creating advertisements that are custom tailored to individual interest. A stimulating discussion and an amazing two days ushering in a fantastic term ahead!


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